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L1023 Ia EA FF 17-6-39 20MU 26-6-39 603S 15-9-39 stalled crashed in finals Turnhouse 7-10-39 total wreck SOC
L1025 Ia EA FF 20-6-39 20MU 26-6-39 603S 15-9-39 u/c jam after heavy touch and go landing aircraft abandoned CE 26-4-40 SOC 6-5-40
L1026 Ia EA FF 20-6-39 20MU 20-6-39 603S 15-9-39 lost in fog on convoy patrol flew into ground Slains Aberdeen 19-3-40
L1029 Ia EA FF 22-6-39 19S 29-6-39 64S 25-7-40 shot down by Bf109 over Folkestone Kent 08.40hrs Sgt L R Isaac killed 5-8-40
L1032 Ia EA FF 26-6-39 19S 29-6-39 Hit by return fire from He111 and abandoned Newmarket Suffolk 19-6-40 SOC CE 24-6-40 FH195
L1033 Ia EA FF 26-6-39 611S 1-7-39 64S 19-3-40 crashed night landing Kenley CE 19-5-40
L1034 Ia EA FF 28-6-39 611S 30-6-39 616S 19-2-40 57OTU 4-1-41 Abandoned out of control and crashed New Street Beaumaris Anglesey FA bt CE 12-3-41 FH383
L1035 Ia EA FF 27-6-39 611S 30-6-39 64S 19-3-40 shot down by Bf109 off Kent coast 18.00hrs S/Lt Dawson-Paul died later 25-7-40 FH191.10
L1036 Ia EA FF 28-6-39 611S 'FY-N' 30-6-39 616S 9-2-40 into sea after combat Ju88 no fuel 10.40hrs Sgt Iveson rescued 16-9-40
L1038 Ia EA FF 29-6-39 611S 'FY-P' 4-7-39 64S 29-2-40 in force-landing Hawkinge after combat Bf109 over South Coast Sgt Mann injured C2 16-8-40 53OTU 23-7-41 FACC 29-12-41 AST recat E 20-5-42
MV316 FRXIV EA MU 26-3-45 268S 19-4-45 16S 1-11-45 1ARU flew into ground Veldkapel pilot killed 5-4-46
MK698 LFIX CBAF 9MU 5-4-44 317S 3-5-44 Miles Aircraft 18-7-44 401S 31-8-44 412S Damaged by Bf109s S of Wesel and crashlanded nr Wachendonk 5-12-44
L1039 Ia EA FF 29-6-39 611S 4-7-39 64S 29-2-40 shot down by Bf109 nr Dover P/O Kennard-Davis abandoned aircraft and died of wounds dbf 8-8-40 SOC 17-8-40
RM677 XIV CHA 39MU 29-5-44 610S CAC ops 18-7-44 ros 610S Hit by flak Munster and crashed nr Boxmeer 14-2-45 wreck found deeply buried F/Lt W M Lightbody killed
TB131 LFXVI ? 9MU 8-1-45 340S Hit by flak and crash-landed Veen 3-3-45
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