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MJ980 LFIX CBAF 39MU 14-1-44 421S 31-1-44 403S CB ops 28-5-44 AST 401S 12-12-44 Shot down by Bf109s nr Schwerin 20-4-45 F/O R W Anderson killed
TB371 LFXVI ? 9MU 12-1-45 329S 1-3-45 341S 15-3-45 Shot down by flak nr Wiesede 20-4-45 Lt R Borne killed
RR256 LFXVI ? 39MU 27-10-44 403S 14-12-44 CAC ops 2-4-45 416S 12-4-45 Armed recce Hamburg area pm Shot down in flames 19-4-45 F/Lt J W E Harten killed
SM814 XIV CHA 29MU 4-3-45 350S Shot down by rocket attacking ship in Bay of Wismar 19-4-45 S/Ldr T Spencer blown out of his aircraft at 40-50 feet he actually landed before the aircraft the other half of which crashed on land swam ash... ...
TB739 LFXVIe ? 33MU 20-2-45 74S 15-3-45 Flak hit crashed in flames nr Oldendorf CE dbf 19-4-45 F/O L Barnes RNZAF killed
NH425 LFIX CBAF 39MU 23-5-44 310S 15-6-44 33S 27-7-44 CAC ops 29-11-44 349S 25-1-45 485S 22-2-45 332S 'AH-S' 8-3-45 Missing from armed recce to Emden 16-4-45
RN208 XIV CHA 9MU 20-2-45 41S Ran out of fuel in bad weather and crashlanded on Arnhem Emmerich railway nr Nijmegen CE 16-4-45 SOC 3-5-45
TB359 LFXVI ? 6MU 12-1-45 340S 15-2-45 Shot down by flak nr Hilversum 7-4-45 1st Maitre F Delery killed
TB914 HFIX CBAF 9MU 25-2-45 441S 26-3-45 329S Hit cliff on patrol in fog 6-4-45 Capt R Sassard killed SOC 19-4-45
TB907 LFXVI ? 29MU 25-2-45 322S '3W-E' 29-3-45 Armed recce Zutphen Missing on sweep 1-4-45
SM246 LFXVI ? 6MU 27-10-44 127S 4-1-45 Hit by flak missing 1-4-45 Sgt A G Baecke killed
TB737 LFXVI ? 33MU 21-2-45 83GSU 4-3-45 403S 15-3-45 Shot down while dive bombing a train nr Osnabruck 31-3-45 F/Lt E G Aitchison killed
MJ275 LFIX CBAF 33MU 20-10-43 416S 30-1-44 CAC ops 13-5-44 AST 83GSU 19-9-44 412S 23-11-44 CAC ops 16-2-45 Armed recce Shot down by flak crashed in flames Zelhem 30-3-45 F/Lt W J Anderson killed
MJ660 LFIX CBAF 9MU 4-12-43 GAL 25-12-43 ? 83GSU 19-2-44 443S 412S 8-2-45 FAAC 19-3-45 Hit by flak and abandoned 6m NW of Dorsten 26-3-45
MJ351 LFIX CBAF 39MU 23-11-43 340S 13-2-44 84GSU 13-7-44 major repair 28-12-44 414S Hit by flak on PR mission to Dorsten 19-3-45
Source: Andrew Pentland's Spitfire Production Site (with permission). Status is our own field - we rely on users to modify