Spitfire K9984


model: Ia
factory: EA
engine: MIII


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FF 19-5-39 611S 22-5-39 616S 9-2-40 FA 27-4-40 7OTU 21-7-40 FAC2 21-9-40 SOC 3-10-40

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by: Red Dragon Spitfire K9984 2017-04-28 13:49:46

Spitfire K9984 was built to contract 527113/36 by Vickers Armstrong's (Supermarine) Ltd at Woolston and first test flown on 19th May 1939. It was delivered to 611 Squadron at Speke on 22nd May 1939 and moved with the unit to Duxford on 13th August 1939. On 29th August 1939 it suffered engine failure and the pilot made a belly landing near Duxford. It sustained Cat. M/FA damage and was repaired on site and returned to the unit. It then moved north with the unit up to Digby 10th October 1939. Nine days later it was hit by Blenheim L1265 whilst parked at Digby. Cat. M/FA damage was recorded and again it was repaired on site and returned to the unit. It then transferred to 616 Squadron who were based at Leconfield on 9th February 1940 but suffered the landing accident at Catfoss was detailed above while doing so. Cat. M/FA damage was recorded and it was repaired on site and returned to the unit at Leconfield. On 27th April 1940 it sustained a further accident, almost certainly at Leconfield, with Cat R damage recorded. From here it was taken to AST Ltd at Hamble for repair on 2nd June 1940 and on completion of repair it passed to 9 MU at Cosford on 30th June 1940 who then issued it to 7 OTU at Hawarden on 21st July 1940. On 21st September 1940 it sustained unspecified Cat.R damage, presumably at or near to Hawarden. After assessment it was Re-Cat W and struck off charge on 5th October 1940.
Ref: Aviation Safety Network