Spitfire RM749


model: XIV
factory: CHA
engine: G65


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39MU 27-7-44 350S ADGB 5-9-44 130S 5-10-44 Attacking MT attacked by fighters and forcelanded nr Burgsteinfurt 8-12-44 F/Lt D J Wilson killed

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by: Red Dragon Flt Lt Donald John Wilson 130 (RAAF) Squadron. 2017-04-03 19:32:38

He took off at 1430 hours as part of a six aircraft formation detailed to carry out and armed recce and fighter sweep in the Munster area. While attacking a train the Squadron sighted approx 20 ME109’s and FW190’s. In the ensuing engagement, Flt Lt Wilson over the RT said he had been hit and asked for a homing vector which was given. A few minutes later at 1510 hours he again stated he had been badly hit and was ‘going to go down’. At this time the aircraft was north west of Bergensteinfurt. Nothing further was heard from him.
In a letter to Flt Lt Wilson’s father on the above A705 RAAF Casualty file held at Archives it was stated “ Your son survived the aircraft crash on 8th December 1944 but is believed to have been taken prisoner, and to have lost his life on 10/12/1944. The circumstances of his death are subject to investigation by the Allied War Crimes Tribunal. Your son’s body was found near the bank of the Ems river not far from Rheine airfield, Germany, in circumstances which indicate his death was not due to any injury he might have received when the aircraft crashed.”
Rheichswald Forest War Cemetery-24. C. 1.