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Burma SpitfiresAlthough the site is new, children, grand-children, and, other relatives have been finding this site and posting pilot and aircraft content. It's very exciting to see family held content come alive with ground crew or pilot information related to the Spitfires their fathers flew or maintained. Here is some of the latest;

Spitfire MT856 Youthful mechanics moving a Spitfire in Burma or India, from the son in law of a pilot (see image top left).

Spitfire JF344 Question on Roundelle for this aircraft, and a new squadron image.

John Bendixson Recce Recce pilot whose son has posted some of his father's gripping sortie stories as comments to his father's page.

Sir Archiblad Foley The grand-daughter of Sir Archibald Foley from NZ (RNAZ) created his page, and, has linked his page to many (or every) Spitfire her Grandfather flew.

Henry Sprague Canadian Hurricane (B of B) and Spitfire pilot later POW Stalag Luft III (of Great Escape fame). Recently passed at close to 100 and new information added to his page.

It's very easy to add more information for a pilot. A user (any user) can log in, and, then post a pic (with attribution), a link, a comment, bio addition (wiki), stats, and, create a linkage to the pilot's specific aircraft flown (which allows a linkage to the full history of that aircraft), and, squadron.

You can do the same for any aircraft, as we have all Spitfires ever produced listed in our database, these pages link back to the pilots that flew them.

So how does one keep track of what's new on the site besides the occasional blog entry like this. Firstly, if you are a registered user, and have a profile, you can "follow" twitter style any pilot should that page change, you'll get an email. Just click "follow" on the top right of the pilot's page.

Secondly, you can check the bottom of the site where the latest comments are listed, i.e. any new comments to a pilot or aircraft page from other users will show up here. You can then click through and respond on that page, or, possibly in the user's profile if they have created one, and they'll get your question / comment.

Lastly, and maybe best, at the bottom of the site, just above the recent comments, you have some additional site navigation. If you click "Feed" you get a page with 3 columns, showing the latest posts or changes for Pilots, Spitfires, and, Comments (on either page type). So if you check in once a week or so, you'll get a quick view on new or changed content, including images which we all enjoy - a window to the past.

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