How is this site doing with Spitfire Pilot and Aircraft Enthusiasts


The numbers just in (actually we can query them anytime -- but it's time for an update). This last 30 days (mid-April, mid-May 2019), 1,751 unique visitors used the site, compared to about 1,000 for last year's same 30 day period in 2018. That's getting close to doubling the traffic each year, and, we're pleased (the royal we) that relatives and enthusiasts are using the site and it's features to post otherwise lost to the attics information from around the world.

And which countries use the site most? No surprise it's the UK in #1 as usual, followed by (distantly) the Americans and Canadians and Australians. The polish and Belgians usually tie for 5th and 6th sometimes gaining 4th. And Italy! The top 10 are no surprise and tend to follow the same order(ratios) as pilots who served from those countries. Occasionally one country will surge, as did Germany last year at this time, the interest being battles / crashes in their AXIS held countries.

What's next, well, one of our first posters, John Bendixson, the son of PRU pilot John Bendixson has been sending tons of information to me on photographic reconnaissance pilots and aircraft, and, by the way, about 100 of his Dad's images of strategic sites over France and Germany (should any one be interested). Stay tuned for an article summing it all up.

In the meantime, I am considering that tour of the English coastline and some key airflieds in September 2019 -- and may cycle part of the Kent coast. Interested in hosting me, or showing me around, or just grabbing some old photos so we can get them on the site, please contact me using the contact us below. If it's a go (I have to fly over the pond), I'll post again in June.

To see what's new on the site, there is a helpful feed that can be located at the bottom of the site, giving you all the latest, and, just visiting the pilots or spitfires tabs also shows the latest postings by users. Have a followup story to your uncle, grand-dad, father, or mother (ferry pilots), send it along, we'll link to the pilot posting on the site and expand on your theme, questions or findings.

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