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F/L Anthony Noel Snell

from: United Kingdom Tunbridge Wells ... details
update: 2018-09-03

F/O Alexander George Borland

from: Canada Ontario Guelph ... details
update: 2018-09-02

F/L Malcolm James Gordon

from: Canada Alberta Daysland ... details
update: 2018-09-02

Sgt Frederick W Eley

from: United Kingdom Cheshire Winsford ... details
update: 2018-09-02

FL Andrew Boyd Marjoribanks KETTERSON

from: Canada Quebec Montreal ... details
update: 2018-08-30

Flight Officer Idris T Garrett

from: Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Pelotas ... details
update: 2018-08-25

Flt/Lt David Arden Grevillle-Heygate

from: United Kingdom Northamptonshire ... details
update: 2018-08-25

Flight Lieutenant Frantisek Antonin Bernard

from: Czeck Republic Stare Krecany ... details
update: 2018-08-24

Pilot Officer Peter V Watson

from: United Kingdom York Harrogate ... details
update: 2018-08-24

Flying Officer James E.R. Locke

from: Canada New Brunswick Moncton ... details
update: 2018-08-21

LT Geoffrey T Fowles

from: South Africa Eastern Cape ... details
update: 2018-08-13

Flight Sergeant Alfred B Tetley

from: United Kingdom Leeds Morley ... details
update: 2018-08-10

F/O Charles William Beasley

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2018-08-03

F/L Donald Wright

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2018-08-02

P/O Charles P K Smith

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2018-07-31
* recent aircraft updated


stats: FRXIV ALD G65 ... details
update: 2017-12-06


stats: FRXIV EA G65 ... details
update: 2017-12-06


stats: VIII EA M63A ... details
update: 2017-12-01


stats: VIII EA M63 ... details
update: 2017-11-28


stats: VIII EA M63 ... details
update: 2017-11-28


stats: LFVIII HPA M66 ... details
update: 2017-11-22


stats: LFVIII EA M66 ... details
update: 2017-11-22


stats: LFXVI ? M266 ... details
update: 2017-11-21


stats: IX CBAF M63 ... details
update: 2017-11-15


stats: IX CBAF M63 ... details
update: 2017-11-15


stats: PRXI ? M70 ... details
update: 2017-11-15


stats: F21 SM G61 ... details
update: 2017-11-15


stats: Vb CBAF M45M ... details
update: 2017-11-15


stats: LFXVI ? M266 ... details
update: 2017-11-15


stats: Vb CBAF M45 ... details
update: 2017-11-14
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Flying Officer J. E. R. Locke 417

Hi everyone . I'm looking for any information about Flying Officer J. E. R. Locke from 417 RCAF Squadron . He went down in Italy on August ...

on: article, 2018-06-27 ... details


I remember him being interviewed on a programme about the Spitfire in 1990. He was CO of 19 Squadron when they were first to get the Spitfir ...

on: pilots, 2018-06-14 ... details

Roy Hales

Hi. Do you have his log book? If so I would really love to see a copy. Kind regards John Engelsted ...

on: profile, 2018-05-27 ... details

To RoverJoe

Still very interested in the log book ...

on: pilots, 2018-04-10 ... details

Australian Nominal Roll Website

Hi Apologies if you know this already, but for Australian pilots you can find out names and other stuff from their serial no. on the foll ...

on: profile, 2018-04-05 ... details

1 day discrepancy on aircraft loss

er646 was linked as Spitfire flown (out of 92 sqn) however, when I added this to this page, the crosslink to the er646 entry shows the date ...

on: pilots, 2018-03-31 ... details


Thank you very much. My email address: ...

on: pilots, 2018-03-17 ... details

I will make the database correction, tha

Will change the DB to reflect the correction, thanks all. Kurt ...

on: pilots, 2018-03-16 ... details