Jackson, Hugh Selmes


rank: Act Sqn/Ldr
status: pow
airforce: -
born: 1921-12-14 Chiselhurst United Kingdom

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Whilst at Merston, in 1941 and with 131 Sqn this pilot was assigned to EN380, a Kent Spitfire. This was fitting as he was born in the region marked on the aircraft. See below info and photo.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb, serial number EN830, was built by Vickers Armstrong at their Castle
Bromwich factory, and duly named Chislehurst and
Sidcup, which was painted in a 'semi-circle' on the
camouflaged nose section just forward of the cockpit.
On completion, the first test flight took place on 30th
April 1942.
Tests completed, the machine was delivered to 37 MU
[Maintenance Unit] RAF Burtonwood, Cheshire, on
31st May and was stored for subsequent allocation.
Chislehurst and Sidcup was issued to 131 (County of
Kent) Squadron on 8th June 1942. Her regular pilot was Flying Officer H S Jackson.

Later, he served with 126 Sqn and was awarded the DFC for over 100 ops. Shot down and captured near Florence, Italy he eventually finished the war as a POW in Stalag Luft 111.

His 1941 Spitfire suffered a similar fate, see link.


Squadrons add
RAF 131 1941-06-01
RAF 126 1943-02-01


Aircraft Flownadd
NX-X 2041-06-01
EN830 NX-X 2041-06-01
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