Llewellyn, Donald E


rank: Flt Lt
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 120358 )
born: 1922-07-11 Alexandria Egypt

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This pilot flew fighter aircraft for the RAF in WWII, this record has come from the RAF Archives with a log book reference. The log book is available for viewing in the RAF London archives. The data we parsed includes pilot name, rank, awards, and log book dates. We do have a reference number for the operational log book(s) available in the RAF archives, in London, and the reference numbers include: Log Book accession no. MF10070/7. Let us know if you visit the archives.

Donald Llewellyn was born to British parents in Alexandria Egypt. He was educated in England, being sent to School there by his parents. Joined up in 1940, and trained in Ottawa Canada. First Stationed in England, flew off the Eagle or the Wasp to Malta in Late 1942. Wounded, was posted to #601 in North Africa. Referenced in the book Full Circle by JJohnson, crash landed his Spit in Mursa Metru and his mate landed his own Spit in the Desert and Llewellyn climbed into the cockpit and the two flew back home!!!!! Posted back to England in 1944, and became an instructor 1945. Married a WAAF, and after living and working in East Africa for a number of years Emigrated to Canada....


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