Mike Widdowson
Daventry Northamptonshire United Kingdon

Bio & Interests

My father was W/O Stanley (Mike) Widdowson of 92 Squadron DAF. He joined the Squadron in December '44 having being trained in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I have documented excerpts from his flying log and personal diaries as a series of 'chapters' (1-9) on the BBC ' People's War' site. For first Chapter see: Thereafter type as relevant 'Chapter 2' etc. I am hugely grateful to Kevin Charles (son of Alan Charles) for adding detail to this site regarding Dad's background and listing the aircraft he flew (terrific research!); Alan Charles, 'Hodge' Hodgkinson, and Dad were close pals: These pilots and many others of '92 and 244 Wing more generally from that date, were all 'in it together'. Mike Widdowson



reply: Kevin Charles 2019-06-28 01:22:33

Hi Mike,

Sorry for not answering earlier, I haven't been on the site for a while.
It's been Long time since we communicated (2006!) and I still have your e-mails and photos, but if you have others, it'll be great to see them.