Farfan, Fernand.William


rank: Ft Lt
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 157691 )
born: 1921-08-29 Trinidad

added by: Paul Sandford

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Bio / Text:

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Served with 123, 601, 602, 41 squadrons. Awarded Belgian Croix de Guerre. Shot down over Crete and escaped and evaded to make it back to Egypt, defended Malta during the siege, and supported the D-Day Landings and all the way to the invasion of Germany and the end of the war.

41 Squadron
Name FARFAN, Fernand William 'Fanny'
Number 157691
Rank Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant
Nationality Trinidad
Born Montserrat, Trinidad, British West Indies, 29 August 1921
Arrived 24 March 1945
Departed 25 September 1945
Decorations Belgian Knight in the Order of Leopold (1947), Belgian Croix de Guerre (1947)
Notes Farfan's full surname was 'Farfan de los Godos', but he appears to have dropped 'de los Godos' whilst with the RAF and 41 Sqn records have him listed as 'Farfan' only; returned home, Oct 1945; relinquished commission April 1949, retaining Flt Lt


Squadrons add
RAF 601 Squadron 1942-07-02
RAF 41 1945-03-24
RAF 601 1942-03-22


RN210 Patrol Heerenburg Area 1945-03-26
MV249 Patrol Haldern-Heerenburg area 1945-03-26
RM759 Patrol to the Dulmen area 1945-03-30
MV254 Fighter sweep; returned with technical trouble 1945-03-31
MV266 Armed Recco 1945-04-03
MV249 Armed Recco 1945-04-03
RM797 Armed Recco 1945-04-04
RM792 Patrol 1945-04-09
RM792 Patrol 1945-04-10
RM792 Patrol 1945-04-11
SM826 Patrol 1945-04-12
RM792 Patrol 1945-04-14
RN210 Patrol 1945-04-16
RM792 Patrol 1945-04-16
MV249 Patrol 1945-04-17
MV249 Armed Recco from Celle 1945-04-17
MV254 Armed Recco from Celle 1945-04-18
SM826 Sweep 1945-04-19
MV249 Armed Recco from Celle 1945-04-20
RM792 Patrol 1945-04-21
MV249 Patrol to Ulzen-Luneburg rea 1945-04-22
MV249 Weather Recco in the Elbe area 1945-04-23
SM823 Lead Patrol in Lauenburg-Uelzen area. Saw an ME262 but unable to catch it. 1945-04-24
SM817 Lead armed recco. 1 Loco damaged; 6 MET destroyed. 1945-04-24
SM826 Armed recco from Celle 1945-04-25
MV264 Patrol 1945-04-25
SM826 Armed Recco from Celle 1945-04-26
SM817 Armed Recco from Celle 1945-04-28
NH832 Patrol 1945-04-29
SM826 Patrol from Celle 1945-04-30
SM826 Patrol from Celle 1945-04-30
SM817 Lead section on patrol. Four FW190s destroyed by members of the section. 1945-05-01
MV266 Patrol 1945-05-02
MV266 Patrol 1945-05-02
SM826 Sweep 1945-05-02
SM826 Patrol 1945-05-03
MH715 Patrol 1945-05-04
SM826 Last patrol of the war 1945-05-05
AD120 Formation flying 1942-03-22
BL967 Formation 1942-03-22
AD120 Sector Recco 1942-03-25
BL967 Sector Recco 1942-03-26
BL906 Sector Recco 1942-03-26
BL906 Formation flying 1942-03-26
BL906 Formation flying 1942-03-28
BL906 Formation flying 1942-03-29
BL967 Acrobatics 1942-03-29
BL988 Aerobatics 1942-03-30
BL988 Formation 1942-03-30
BL988 Formation 1942-04-04
BL996 Attacks 1942-04-05

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