About Us


This site has set lofty goals to document all spitfire pilots and even match the aircraft they flew. The site's premise is that users add pilot pages, and, then other users come along later with other information to add, like images, links, and comments / questions. They can also identify a Spitfire by serial number or marking if they have that information, and, link that to the pilot page. This site is launching as BETA release this September 2015 (now) so it will take time for users to add pilots, but we want to honour each and every one.

When a user adds a pilot, this pilot is listed in their profile, and, the pilot page links to them as the author. Please read our section on volunteering to find out more.


Apart from supporting historical research as outlined above, a main outcome is to bring attention to the various memorial or restoration projects underway.

The Spitfire was chosen because it is one of the iconic aircraft of WWII. It's a key draw at airshows today, and still captures the imagination of would be pilots, enthusiasts, and history buffs. It has often been described as an extension of the pilot, a beautiful machine to fly. We have incorporated Andrew Pentland's fantastic Spitfire database (with permission), so that linkages can be made. We'd like to add the Hurricane and other fighters (you may see Hurricane pilots in the mix already) as WWII pilots moved between these aircraft.


This site is BETA (draft) starting with September 2015 Beta launch, co-inciding with final memorial events of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Each year, the site will promote memorial projects and make a donation to a selected project. We'll blog about where we are with that as the site moves through it's early days in 2015.


The main functionality provided is the ability for users to socially add information, maintain a profile, and engage others. New features will roll out regularly. We look forward to feedback and comments from users.

Founder's note:

My father grew up in a small Ontario (Canada) town where a nearby EFTS flying school operated, near Dunneville Ontario. He remembers Harvard aircraft racing along the shore towards his town of Port Colborne performing acrobatic turns around Port Colborne's Inco smokestack on the shore of Lake Eerie.

In this lake port town during WWII as a young boy he collected aviation postcards, mementos, and all sorts of WWII crests and badges. For myself, memories of lazy summer visits and the beaches nearby Port Colborne with cousins, take me back to a boyhood age when one dreamed of flight, and relished at the discovery of old aviation momentos from WWII tucked away in Grandma's basement. My father's brother Martin was in the RCAF and served overseas, and, nearby memebers of the Slovak Canadian community included pilots and other service personel. This site is dedicated to all those who served. Kurtis.