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John I Jefferson

from: Canada Nova Scotia Bear River ... details
update: 2018-11-14

F/O Eric H Woodhouse

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2018-11-13

F/O William J Locke

from: Canada Newfoundland St. John's ... details
update: 2018-11-12

Pilot Officer Michael A SIMS

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2018-11-09

Sgt Vernon Ross Smith

from: New Zealand ... details
update: 2018-11-06

Sqd. Leader Geoffrey H Wellum

from: United Kingdom Essex Walthamstow ... details
update: 2018-10-26

Lieutenant General Fred M Dean

from: USA Illinois St. Louis ... details
update: 2018-10-11

F/Lt. Gordon R McGREGOR

from: Canada Quebec Montreal ... details
update: 2018-10-09

Lt Maurice P C Choron

from: France Picardie Bethisy-Saint-Pierre ... details
update: 2018-10-09

W/C Percival S TURNER

from: Canada Toronto ... details
update: 2018-10-09

Squadron Leader Janusz Zurakowski

from: Poland Ryzawka ... details
update: 2018-10-06

Plt Off Henryk Skalski

from: Poland Lodzkie Lodz ... details
update: 2018-10-06

Sqn. Ldr. Pierre H Clostermann

from: Brazil Parana Curitiba ... details
update: 2018-09-30

Squadron Leader Alfred G Douglas

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2018-09-27

Pilot Officer Gerald B Whitney

from: USA ... details
update: 2018-09-27
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stats: VbT CBAF M46 ... details
update: 2018-11-14


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2018-11-13


stats: IX CHA M61 ... details
update: 2018-10-09


stats: LFVIII EA M66 ... details
update: 2018-10-02


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2018-09-10


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2018-08-11


stats: IX R-R M61 ... details
update: 2018-08-08


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2018-07-26


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2018-06-09


stats: VcT CBAF M50 ... details
update: 2018-03-04


stats: IIa CBAF MXII ... details
update: 2018-02-10


stats: Vb EA M45 ... details
update: 2018-01-30


stats: FRXVIII ALD G67 ... details
update: 2018-01-22


stats: IIa CBAF MXII ... details
update: 2018-01-22


stats: IIa CBAF MXII ... details
update: 2018-01-22
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ER121 Spitfire Crash Land -- Some Months

Thanks Lowell, this type of context helps fill in quite a bit -- if only we knew how it came to crash land. The notes above on this aircraf ...

on: aircraft, 2018-11-14 ... details

From the Son of the Photographer (Dr. Lo

In regard to the photographer's role, Dr. Robert Silverman was a dentist in the U.S. Army 32nd Station Hospital at the time. These are fr ...

on: aircraft, 2018-11-14 ... details

MT818 was in Holland that day along with Spit TB885 to fly two US War Veterans for a flight over Arnhem and Veghel for a Operation Market G ...

on: aircraft, 2018-10-02 ... details


Just today 16-09-2018 I saw a spitfire with serial MT818 on EHLE, Lelystad Int. Airport, the Netherlands. According to bystanders, this pla ...

on: aircraft, 2018-09-16 ... details

Pilot's Log Book

R B Johnson was my uncle and I have been researching his experiences whilst serving with 222 Sqn in the BoB. When I was 15 he sent me a gra ...

on: pilots, 2018-09-15 ... details

This particular Spitfire bore the squadron code KL-A, it's replacement and namesake Spitfire X4650/G-CGUK KL-A survived the war and can be f ...

on: aircraft, 2018-09-10 ... details

TE294 dedicated to Roseland, not flown b

although TE294 (now known as the Rosland Spitfire) was never flown by F/L A. Roseland, Vintage Wings of Canada has restored this aircraft to ...

on: pilots, 2018-09-06 ... details

A.B. Tetley

Hello Bohemian. I am very interested in your father's flying career. Please contact me ( Kind regards John Eng ...

on: profile, 2018-08-11 ... details