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W/O Alan Ronald Charles

from: United Kingdom Croydon Thornton Heath ... details
update: 2021-04-25

P/O Edgar Andrew Ker

from: Canada Fenwick, Hamilton ... details
update: 2021-04-24

W/O Joseph R Moffat

from: New Zealand ... details
update: 2021-04-23

F/O Andrew G P Newman

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2021-04-23

F/Sgt John Lambert

from: Scotland ... details
update: 2021-04-22

P/O Frank Arthur Coker

from: Australia New South Wales Sydney ... details
update: 2021-04-22

P/O Harold V Freckelton

from: Australia Randwick, Sydney ... details
update: 2021-04-20

Sgt Gordon WL Matthews

from: Zimbabwe Gatooma ... details
update: 2021-04-19

Sergeant Pilot Edmund Ramsbotham

from: United Kingdom Backworth ... details
update: 2021-04-19

Flying Officer John A Cox

from: Australia Adelong ... details
update: 2021-04-14

Fl/Lt Anthony J Martin

from: Australia Bookham ... details
update: 2021-04-11

Ft Lt Fernand.William Farfan

from: Trinidad ... details
update: 2021-04-06

F/L Billy W Proctor

from: Canada Ontario Caledon East ... details
update: 2021-04-04

Sqn Ldr Terence H T Forshaw

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2021-03-31

Squadron Leader Arthur H Jupp

from: United Kingdom West Sussex Horsham ... details
update: 2021-03-16
* recent aircraft updated


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2020-12-31


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-12-11


stats: LFIXc CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-12-11


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-12-09


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-11-15


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2020-10-24


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2020-10-11


stats: XIV EA G65 ... details
update: 2020-10-10


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-09-01


stats: IX CBAF M63 ... details
update: 2020-08-10


stats: VIII EA M63A ... details
update: 2020-05-05


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-05-01


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2020-04-23


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-04-21


stats: Vb CBAF M45M ... details
update: 2020-04-14
* recent comments & questions

Charles Hall

Charles Hall was a WWII RAF pilot, flying Reconnaissance missions. In december 1941 he had to bail out of Spitfire AA804 over the Netherland ...

on: aircraft, 2021-01-13 ... details


Great additions, thanks for adding all these pilots, some of which KIFA in their OTU Units, heroes just the same. ...

on: profile, 2021-01-06 ... details

false image

Canted image of "P9390" is false. Another image ( gives a date of July -79. This image is of some ot ...

on: aircraft, 2020-12-31 ... details

e-mail correction

My correcta e-mail adress is: ...

on: profile, 2020-12-13 ... details

Spitfire LF Mk.IX 271

MJ271 as 3W-8 at Soesterberg Air Base in the Netherlands 31-08-1951. ...

on: aircraft, 2020-12-11 ... details

Tally Ho!

Through my interest in the Spitfire in general and as former memeber of 322 Squadron RNLAF, I will contribute on getting this database fille ...

on: profile, 2020-12-09 ... details

The end of MJ152 H-31

MJ152 H-31 collided on the ground with MJ957 H-24 on April 6 1950 and written off. ...

on: aircraft, 2020-12-09 ... details

Pilot query

Is Sgt Klein's association with this aircraft correct? He was a member of 142, 234 and 152 squadrons whilst this is a 19 sqn aircraft ...

on: aircraft, 2020-10-11 ... details