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Sgt Miroslav Antonin Liskutin

from: Czeck Republic Jirikovice ... details
update: 2020-11-15

Sergeant George Hodgson

from: United Kingdom Workington ... details
update: 2020-10-04

Sub Lt (RNVR) John Marriott

from: United Kingdom Nottingham ... details
update: 2020-09-28

Warrant Officer Godfrey Baggett

from: United Kingdom Mitcheldean ... details
update: 2020-09-28

Pilot Officer (P/O) Frantisek Dolezal

from: Czeck Republic Česká Třebová ... details
update: 2020-09-20

P/O Ronald.Henry.Charles Powling

from: United Kingdom London ... details
update: 2020-09-14

F/Sgt Derek OCallaghan

from: Ireland ... details
update: 2020-09-11

Flt Lt Maurice William Smyth

from: United Kingdom Stafford ... details
update: 2020-08-26

Squadron Leader Ronald Alexander Thomson

from: New Zealand Southland Gore ... details
update: 2020-08-20

Flight Lieutnant Tadeusz Schiele

from: Poland Zakopane ... details
update: 2020-08-20

Eric Carter

from: United Kingdom Worcestershire Chaddesley Corbett ... details
update: 2020-08-19

F/O Ignacy Olszewski

from: Poland Kijow ... details
update: 2020-08-01

F/O Eric Stanley Lock

from: United Kingdom Shrewsbury ... details
update: 2020-07-30

Sgt Reginald B Johnson

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2020-07-29

Warrant Officer Ian Stevenson

from: United Kingdom Glasgow ... details
update: 2020-07-27
* recent aircraft updated


stats: Vb CHA M45 ... details
update: 2020-03-27


stats: IIa CBAF MXII ... details
update: 2020-03-27


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2020-03-20


stats: VcT CBAF M55M ... details
update: 2020-02-27


stats: F22 ? G61 ... details
update: 2020-02-27


stats: F21 SM G61 ... details
update: 2020-02-27


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-01-31


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-01-25


stats: Ia EA MII ... details
update: 2020-01-02


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2019-12-20


stats: IX CBAF M63 ... details
update: 2019-12-15


stats: Vb CBAF M46 ... details
update: 2019-12-10


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2019-10-31


stats: Vb EA M45 ... details
update: 2019-10-14


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2019-09-26
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R6978 pilot correction

R6978 was flown by Sgt Hine not By P/O Franklin who was flying R6982 at the time both crashed on the 12/12/40, see images for Pilots ...

on: aircraft, 2020-04-23 ... details

Proposal for merging entries

Hello. I posted an entry for F/O Luis Pérez Gómez, 443 Sqd RCAF, KIA over Caen on June 16 1944. This young Mexican flew the Spit MK607 an ...

on: aircraft, 2020-04-21 ... details

Mensaje para David

Hola, David. Soy Miguel Ángel Sánchez de Armas, historiador y profesor de la Ibero en CdMx. Estoy produciendo un documental sobre Luis Pé ...

on: profile, 2020-04-21 ... details

R6915, MK IA, preserved at IWM London ...

on: aircraft, 2020-04-18 ... details

P8183 was a 'presentation' Spitfire, AKA "Tasmania III", purchased for the RAF with funds raised by The Tasmanian Spitfire Fund for £6,250. ...

on: aircraft, 2020-04-13 ... details

Not a Spitfire pilot


on: pilots, 2020-03-29 ... details

Not a Spitfire pilot


on: pilots, 2020-03-29 ... details

W3526 shot down 1941-10-12 SE Le Tourquet, France. Pilot was Keith Bruce CHISHOLM. Source AIR 27/1892 ...

on: aircraft, 2020-03-27 ... details