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W/O Christopher Vincent Madigan

from: Australia Victoria Seymour ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/Sgt Kenneth McLeod

from: Australia Sydney ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/O Claude McLeod

from: Australia Camperdown ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/O Bob Bawden

from: Australia Sydney ... details
update: 2019-09-16

P/O Alfred Vincent Noel Ede

from: Australia Queensland Innisfail ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/O Albert Laurence Lumley

from: Australia New South Wales Leichardt ... details
update: 2019-09-16

P/O Alexander Henry Morton

from: Australia Queensland Emerald ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/O Angus Arthur Moir Haynes

from: Australia New South Wales Home Plaine ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/Lt Lloyd Lindsay Boardman

from: Australia New South Wales West Kempsey ... details
update: 2019-09-16

F/Lt John Ridgeway Sturm

from: Australia South Australia Payneham ... details
update: 2019-09-16

Wing Commander Hugh Godefroy

from: Indonesia Java ... details
update: 2019-09-15

P/O Alfred Glendinning

from: Australia Victoria Colac ... details
update: 2019-09-11

F/Lt Arthur John Gould

from: Australia Queensland Roma ... details
update: 2019-09-11

Flight Lieutenant Keith Chisholm

from: Australia Petersham ... details
update: 2019-09-11

Lieutenant Colonel William Dunn

from: USA Minneapolis ... details
update: 2019-09-10
* recent aircraft updated


stats: VIII EA M63 ... details
update: 2019-06-01


stats: PRIV HEA M45 ... details
update: 2019-05-31


stats: Seafire-IIc CHA M45 ... details
update: 2019-04-23


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2019-03-17


stats: XIVe ? G65 ... details
update: 2019-03-16


stats: VbT CBAF M46 ... details
update: 2019-03-14


stats: Ia EA MII ... details
update: 2019-03-12


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2019-02-09


stats: PRXIX EA G66 ... details
update: 2019-02-08


stats: XIV ? G65 ... details
update: 2019-01-28


stats: LFVIII EA M66 ... details
update: 2019-01-28


stats: LFVIII EA M66 ... details
update: 2019-01-28


stats: LFXVIe ? M266 ... details
update: 2019-01-26


stats: LFXVI ? M266 ... details
update: 2019-01-26


stats: LFXVI ? M266 ... details
update: 2019-01-26
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USS WASP Hangar Deck.

This photo shows BR136 just prior to launching from USS WASP during Operation Bowery on the 9th May, 1942. The moment it touched down in Mal ...

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Club Run

This picture shows the aircraft being loaded onto USS WASP CV-7 in either April or May, 1942. One of 47 aircraft loaded on board and deliver ...

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History from Imperial War Museum Duxford

Spitfire NH523 was a MK IX aircraft built at Castle Bromwich in early 1944. It first entered RAF service with the 33rd Maintenance Unit on t ...

on: aircraft, 2019-06-28 ... details

Hi Mike, Sorry for not answering earlier, I haven't been on the site for a while. It's been Long time since we communicated (2006!) and ...

on: profile, 2019-06-28 ... details

from the above link ... fate of JF559 (a

... "she was losing height too quickly, and my struggling with the controls seem to make little difference — they were becoming heavy and ...

on: aircraft, 2019-06-19 ... details

Nice Facebook Page

I read the facebook link, tons of great material, images, research. Congrats. ...

on: pilots, 2019-06-12 ... details

Danish Grandfather

Hi John - I have sent you and email from my hotmail account. Cheers - Nicholas ...

on: profile, 2019-06-08 ... details


Could you contact me on I am Danish and very interested in his history. John Engelsted ...

on: profile, 2019-06-04 ... details