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P/O Peter James Christopher King

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2023-09-17

F/Sgt Colin Alfred Tiller

from: Australia Melbourne ... details
update: 2023-09-17

Sgt David Webster

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2023-09-16

Col John Sheridan Blyth

from: USA Oregon Lake Oswego ... details
update: 2023-09-14

W/O Henryk Bieniek

from: Poland Nowinki ... details
update: 2023-09-10

WO1 Victor E Mitchell

from: Canada Montréal ... details
update: 2023-09-06

F/Capt Philippa Mary Bennett

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2023-08-31

F/Sgt Philip Thomas Grisdale

from: United Kingdom Wandsworth, London ... details
update: 2023-08-29

F/Sgt Michael Joseph Murayda

from: USA Acron ... details
update: 2023-08-22

1/Off Charles John Bettinson

from: United Kingdom ... details
update: 2023-08-15

Sgt Eric Norman Kelsey

from: United Kingdom Wyke ... details
update: 2023-08-14

P/O Colin Weal Coulthard

from: United Kingdom Bournemouth ... details
update: 2023-08-14

Por Maciej Jerzy Lipinski

from: Russia St Petersburg ... details
update: 2023-08-14

Plk Stefan Pawlikowski

from: Poland Kozłow ... details
update: 2023-08-14

Mjr Walerian Żak

from: Poland Bobrka ... details
update: 2023-08-14
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stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2023-09-03


stats: Vb CBAF M45 ... details
update: 2023-08-25


stats: F22 ? G61 ... details
update: 2023-08-23


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2023-08-21


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2023-07-27


stats: LFXVI ? M266 ... details
update: 2023-07-19


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2023-07-17


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2023-07-14


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2023-07-03


stats: XIV CHA G65 ... details
update: 2023-06-30


stats: HFIX CBAF M70 ... details
update: 2023-06-21


stats: IX EA M63 ... details
update: 2023-06-08


stats: F22 ? G61 ... details
update: 2023-05-09


stats: VcT EA M46 ... details
update: 2023-04-08


stats: Vb CBAF M46 ... details
update: 2023-04-01
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72 Course at 71 OTU appears to have been around Dec 1944 to Mar 1945, not as recorded above ...

on: pilots, 2023-09-16 ... details

Sgt Dave Webster

Sgt Webster was on 72 Course at 71 Operational Training Unit at Ismailia, Egypt around Sept to Dec 1944, then at 5 Refresher Flying Unit at ...

on: pilots, 2023-09-16 ... details

P7606 is the Polish spitfire incorrectly identified elsewhere on the internet as P8713. Details obtained from higher resolution photo of cap ...

on: pilots, 2023-08-29 ... details

"Syd" Ford

This pilot was s/l Leslie Sydney Ford later to be wing commander , D.F.C awarded at dieppe in this aircraft ,he later was awarded a bar to h ...

on: aircraft, 2023-08-25 ... details

Ft/Sgt Michael J Murayda

First assigned to Ft/Sgt Michael Murayda of 302 squadron in March of 1944. Squadron marking as shown in the above image. ...

on: aircraft, 2023-08-21 ... details

No. 315 ( Polish ) Squadron is listed as P8713 on day of shooting down and capture of aircraft by Germans ...

on: pilots, 2023-08-16 ... details


P8713 is recorded in RAF records as being 72 Squadron, however an internet search also shows P8713 listed as PK-O shot down on same day but ...

on: pilots, 2023-08-16 ... details

Aircraft code

Aircraft code was MK682 DU-C ...

on: aircraft, 2023-07-27 ... details