We are looking for volunteers who are able to add pilot listings to our new database, afterwhich anyone else can come along and add more pilot information, such as aircraft flown, units, images, links, and comments. If you don't have a specific pilot to add, but want to help out, volunteers can look through our copy of the Spitfire database (click Spitfires above - thanks Andrew Pentland!) and look for pilot information in the notes. First, check to see if this pilot has already been added to our database, and if not, please add this pilot and any information you can; text, images, URLs, and the linkage to the aircraft flown. You can't miss the "add" buttons for each of these on the pilot page.

Or, if you know a pilot's name, and have a few minutes to spare, search the web for any supporting links / URLs (e.g. newspaper articles) and create a new pilot listing in our database, and, then add any of the ssupprting information you find. Similarly, if family members possess images, they may upload these to the pilot page or leave comments. Once an initial pilot page is created, any other user can come along to add more or pass along a comment. If a memorial project is underway or is completed for this pilot, please add a link to this project.

To add a pilot click "add pilot" in the top nav, or, if a pilot already exists, click add / edit in any of the content boxes on the pilot page. For aircraft, click "aircraft" in the top navigation, and use our search if needed. Aircraft information that may be added at this time; links, images, and, comments. You must be signed in to make changes.

If organizations such as memorial projects or restoration groups have information to contribute, they can link a pilot or aircraft page back to their site. We can create additional support with articles / features and our "Honour Roll" where any group that adds 5 or more pilots gets a blog post if they wish.

Volunteers are encouraged to maintain a profile, where there is a tally of pilots added by the user, along with pilots the member is following, so stay tuned for more development.