Memorial Projects

This site is dedicated to spitfire pilots of WWII. The Spitfire is the starting point, as we received a full database of serial numbers to use. The site's goal is to document all Spitfire pilots, and, link them to the aircraft they flew. A tall order, but one that sees relatives and enthusiasts from all over the world doing so on a regular basis.

As the site grows, as it has -- organically -- we will also looking for a global "board of directors" and "editors", ideally a few from each country that flew the Spitfire. It would also be welcome if an organization, museum, or group were to offer to operate the site in order to support it's own memorial projects or flight operations.

There are many possible directions to go with memorial projects this site can help with. First and foremost, the site itself is gathering new information about pilots and aircraft each week. Because of the large readership / global appeal, there is the opportunity to bring attention to a group's aviation projects or displays.