WANTED: Your Support

The site's goal is to document all Spitfire pilots, and, link them to the aircraft they flew. A tall order, but we want to collect all of them, whether they survived, were killed in battle, training, or a flying accident. They had a life before the war, and, those who survived were affected in different ways, but they moved on. We want to capture those details also, who were these pilots, what motivated them, and, what were their thoughts years later (if they survived).

In the 5+ years since this site launched, we've seen relatives and enthusiasts from all over the world posting on a regular basis with just these details.

There is a lot more work to do. First and foremost, the site itself is gathering new information about pilots and aircraft each week. Because of the large readership and global appeal, there is the opportunity to bring attention to a group's aviation projects or displays. Contact us if interested. We are at about 2,500 visitors a month, that's pretty good for a niche site like this, but we do have costs. All the software development (custom) and graphic design were donated, but hosting isn't free, and, for software upgrades or new features, we have costs.

To keep the site free and wide open as a memorial project, we have an ETSY shop with some cool stuff (shirts, mug, caps, clock, notebook, ...). If you've enjoyed a few reads, please think about supporting this project. Or, if you prefer and, and we'd greatly appreciate it, you can donate a few dollars (or UK pounds), it helps us with hosting and technical support. It's a volunteer project, but like any WIKI, we also fund-raise to cover costs.

... donate a buck or two and thanks! ...