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Squadron Leader Arthur H Jupp

from: United Kingdom West Sussex Horsham ... details
update: 2021-03-16

F/O Tommy Vance

from: Canada ... details
update: 2021-03-10

F/O Herbert G Garwood

from: Canada Toronto ... details
update: 2021-03-09

F/O Stephens.Fred Scudday

from: USA Sweetwater ... details
update: 2021-03-02

Squadron leader William WAR MacDonald

from: Zimbabwe ... details
update: 2021-02-28

F/O Adrian.Hope Boyd

from: United Kingdom Sialkot India ... details
update: 2021-02-28

Warrant Officer Micheal J Mathers

from: Australia Numurkah ... details
update: 2021-02-25

S/L Ronald.Gustave Kellet

from: United Kingdom Cheater-le-Streey ... details
update: 2021-02-24

F/O Charles E Filmer

from: United Kingdom London ... details
update: 2021-02-24

Gp Capt Horace S Darley

from: United Kingdom Wandsworth Wandsworth ... details
update: 2021-02-23

Squadron Leader Ronald George Wigg

from: New Zealand Auckland ... details
update: 2021-02-22

P/O John.Beville,Howard Nicholas

from: United Kingdom Paddington ... details
update: 2021-02-22

Wing Commander Charles C Olive

from: Australia Queensland Brisbane ... details
update: 2021-02-22

F/O Edward F J Charles

from: United Kingdom Saskatchewan Coventry ... details
update: 2021-02-12

Flight Lieutenant John A Round

from: United Kingdom Muswell Hill ... details
update: 2021-02-12
* recent aircraft updated


stats: Vb CBAF M45M ... details
update: 2020-04-14


stats: Vb CBAF M46 ... details
update: 2020-04-14


stats: Vb CBAF M46 ... details
update: 2020-04-13


stats: IIa CBAF MXII ... details
update: 2020-04-13


stats: Vb CHA M45 ... details
update: 2020-03-27


stats: IIa CBAF MXII ... details
update: 2020-03-27


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2020-03-20


stats: VcT CBAF M55M ... details
update: 2020-02-27


stats: F22 ? G61 ... details
update: 2020-02-27


stats: F21 SM G61 ... details
update: 2020-02-27


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-01-31


stats: LFIX CBAF M66 ... details
update: 2020-01-25


stats: Ia EA MII ... details
update: 2020-01-02


stats: Ia EA MIII ... details
update: 2019-12-20


stats: IX CBAF M63 ... details
update: 2019-12-15
* recent comments & questions

Squadron Leader G F Silvester DFC

Please spell my father's name correctly but thank you for promoting him to Wing Commander! Do you know if MJ730 is still in the Aviation Mus ...

on: aircraft, 2020-09-01 ... details

Still looking!

Thanks, Steve. Sorry about the late reply, I forgot my original password and couldn't reset it! I managed to get a copy on Go Straight Ahe ...

on: pilots, 2020-07-29 ... details

W. Kenneth Read - does anyone know if he

Regarding W. Kenneth Read - does anyone know if he trained in Canada ? I have a reference for this name at Bowden Training Centre. ...

on: pilots, 2020-06-21 ... details

Thanks for posting info about my father.

Hello Red Dragon. I've recently found your website. My father was John D. Bisdee and I am thrilled to see him immortalised on the website. T ...

on: profile, 2020-06-20 ... details

Hi David. I get 99% of my information from the internet (just Google in different ways and it's amazing what's out there). You can download ...

on: pilots, 2020-05-27 ... details

R.B Johnson No 222 Squadron.

Hi with regards your uncles logbook, this was acquired by Dave Mann. This comes from the No 222 Squadron book "Go Straight Ahead " by Ernie ...

on: pilots, 2020-05-09 ... details

Ben Garner

This was my Grandad! If you have any more information or places to find it - it would be great to know and capture and consolidate for futur ...

on: pilots, 2020-05-09 ... details

R6978 pilot correction

R6978 was flown by Sgt Hine not By P/O Franklin who was flying R6982 at the time both crashed on the 12/12/40, see images for Pilots ...

on: aircraft, 2020-04-23 ... details