DUMMETT, Quinton Rowland


rank: F/L
status: kifa
airforce: RAF    (no: 102534V )
born: North Dene/Natal South Africa

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Captain Quinton Rowland Dummett SA.S 102534V flew in 94 Squadron. His first flight was on the 23rd March 1944 in 94 Squadron. A fatal accident occurred while moved to Greece from Savoia Libya. F/Sgt Henry John O'Keefe crashed into his aircraft before it existed the runway. Both planes burst into flames. O'Keefe managed to exit but Dummett perished. F/Sgt O'Keefe didn't fly again in 94 squadron. He was moved to Canne Italy to 73 Squadron. Henry O'Keefe died 48 days later. They are buried in the same cemetery in Greece because with the outbreak of the Civil War 12 Spitfires from 73 Squadron got sent to Greece, F/Sgt O'Keefe included.


Squadrons add
RAF 94 Squadron 1944-03-01


Patrol convoy 'NUMERRATOR' 1944-03-25
MH977 Sweep out to sea for low fly hostile aircraft, nothing seen. 1944-03-26
ES254 Convoy patrol 'NURSEMAID' 1944-03-29
JK327 Convoy patrol 'RAVEN' 1944-04-02
JK327 Convoy Patrol 'VENUS' 1944-04-09
MA363 Convoy patrol 'PANNIER' 1944-04-17
JK435 Scrambledon Angel 10 on 090º nothing seen. 1944-04-20
JK977 Convoy patrol 'NETTLE' 1944-05-01
Patrol convoy 'BUNTER' took off & landed at Savoia. 1944-06-23
MH838 Convoy patrol 'SNODLAND' 1944-06-23
MA508 Baltimore escort to Crete. Moderate A/A and no fighter opposition. 1944-06-27
JG839 Patrol convoy 'CABARDINE' landed Savoia 1944-06-30
MA766 Escorted two boxes of Baltimores attacking R.D.F stations to Crete. No fighter opposition slight A/A. 1944-07-05
MA766 Patrol Convoy 'URANIUM' Lt Dummett crashed of landing. 1944-07-07
EN152 Patrol convoy 'STRAND' 1944-07-30
EN254 Scrambled angel 30 N.W. Benghasi. 1944-08-03
MA526 Scrambled 060º to escort aircraft in trouble. 1944-08-07
MH558 Patrol convoy 'EASTCHEAP' 1944-08-09
Nil flying from 27-08-44 until 18-10-44 squadron moving from Savoia (Libya) to Kalamaki (Greece). 1944-08-28
LZ823 Kalamaki Airfield, Greece on landing Lt Dummet killed after Sgt O'Keefe aircraft ploughed into him both aircraft in flames. 1944-10-19


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