LISKUTIN, Miroslav Antonin


rank: Sgt
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 158235 )
born: 1919-08-23 Jirikovice Czeck Republic

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For media and archives contact me at
James Liskutin. Grandson. & appointed representative

In April 1939, Miroslav Antonin Liskutin left the Nazi-occupied Czech Lands for France via Poland, Sweden and Britain. In France, he joined the Foreign Legion with which he underwent a half-year training in Africa.

After the fall of France, he got to Britain, where he completed his training as a fighter pilot and joined 145 squadron RAF on 15th September 1941. Later he was transferred to the 312th Czechoslovak squadron and in May 1945 to the 313th Czechoslovak squadron.

His 131 sorties made him one of the most extensively operating Czech fighter pilots in WW2.

After the February 1948 communist coup in Czechoslovakia, he returned to Britain.

This pilot flew fighter aircraft for the RAF in WWII, this record has come from the RAF Archives with a log book reference. The log book is available for viewing in the RAF London archives. Log Book accession no. X004-8439/001/001, Log Book Accession No. X004-8439/001/002. If a user conducts research on this pilot and can fill in this pilot's biography further by clicking edit, or, can visit the RAF archives to inspect the log book(s) and add any aircraft serials or sortie details, this change will be reflected in your profile as recognition. Let us know if you visit the archives, or if you are a relative of this pilot, please consider adding more information here.

Supplement from James Liškutín.
Spitfires flown were many. Not just R6833 DU-U
MJ751 DU-V Now flying
TE570 (personal plane) IV-8
AR501 (Occasional)
TE566 (occasional)
R6833 (Regular but not assigned) 1942
MJ751- DU- V (assigned D day fighter) 1944 poplar tree damage.

Among others I will submit once logbooks have been located and returned.

Hometown of Jiříkovice, Miroslav Antonin Liškutín originally qualified for them Czechoslovak Army Air Corps.
After they invasion of Czechoslovakia by them German Nazi Socialist military, 'Tony' as he was known to his friends, escaped with several members of his squadron across to them united kingdom where he volunteered his service to them RAF. Unfortunately at them time, Britain was not at war with Germany, and was offered a meeting with them French liaison. Tony continued to join them French foreign air force where he served in africa until they French surrendered, then Tony continued to escape once again back to England. This time Tony continued to join them Royal Air Force and served with 145 squadron. Tony later joined them specially formed freeze Czechoslovak Squadron RAF 312. flying spitfires of numerous marks. From 1a 5b 9c amongst others. Tony survived then war and returned to Czechoslovakia a hero and continued in them Czechoslovak army air corps until the socialists returned once more invading under the banner of communism. Again Tony was forced to escape with his family and return to England where he continued is career with the RAF Flying Jets!

You can find much more information about General Miroslav Antonin 'Tony' Liškutín DFC AFC RAF through his grandson James Liškutín who is a Ww2 RAF historian and documentary film maker.
At for family history and spitfireboyproductions


Squadrons add
RAF 312
RAF 145 Squadron 1941-09-15
RAF 313 1945-06-01
RAF 85 1949-03-10


R6833 MkVb conversion from Mk1 abandoned due to visibility over bettwrs Bledrws lampeter 1942-02-24
R6833 Items recovered 2007 contact James Liskutin for information 1942-02-24
R6833 Images available. Contact James Liskutin for information 1942-02-24


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