CHASE, John Hereward


rank: S/L
status: pow
airforce: RAF    (no: 60524 )
born: United Kingdom

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(Montecorvino, Italy 20-11-43)

The new commanding Officer S/Ldr J.H.Chase arrived from 126 Squadron. 73 Squadron moved again to Foggia (main) on the 02-12-44.

If anyone would like to add to this it would be most appreciated. There is many things missing and would like any pictures someone could add.


Squadrons add
RAF 73 1943-11-01
RAF 126 1943-06-01


EN479 Escort to 1435 Sqdn bombing Narzamemi at 10,000ft. No E/A seen. 1943-06-12
EN479 Sweep S.E Sicily. Orbited Biscari & Comiso. Intense accurate flak at Comiso. 1943-06-16
BS557 High cover to Liberators bombing Biscari & Comiso. 1943-06-17
EN479 High cover to sweep over Comiso by 1435 & 111 sqdn. 1943-06-21
EN479 Island patrol, taken over to intercept E/A. None seen 1943-06-22
EN479 Escort to 8 Spits of 1435 Sqdn bombing Comiso. 1943-06-23
EN392 Escort to P.R.U. W/O Smith staffed gun tower at Scalambri. 1943-06-25
EN479 Patrolled Scalambri at 20,000ft no E/A seen. 1943-06-26
JK611 Escort to 1435 & 229 sqdn bombing Gerbini. 1943-06-27
JK972 Search for A/C in sea. Found oil patch N.E Gozo & directed H.S.L to spot. 1943-06-30
JK650 Patrolled 30 miles N.W of island. No E/A seen. 1943-06-30
JK522 Escort bombers to Gerbini. Rendezvous point no sign. Proceeded to Catenia engaged 8 plus E/A. Sgt.Saphir destroyed two M.E.109's. Contacted bombers & escorted home. P/O McConnell crashed (EN841) on landing., uninjured. 1943-07-04
JK650 Island patrol. No.1 a/c engine trouble. Returned base. 1943-07-04
JK522 Escorted Mitchell's to Comiso. 2 Maachi 202's attempted attacks but were driven off. 1943-07-06
JK650 Escorted Mitchell's to Biscari. Bombing good many fires north of aerodrome. No E/A or flak. 1943-07-07
JK650 Patrolled S. of island no incidents. 1943-07-08
JK522 Patrolled convoy of 160 landing crafts, leaving them west of Gozo. 1943-07-09
JK672 Escorted bombers to Vozzini, no E/A inaccurate A/A 1943-07-10
JK672 Scrambled. 11 unidentified a/c seen at 15,000ft. No engagement. 1943-07-10
JK672 Patrolled S.E Sicily. 1943-07-11
JK672 Patrolled Noto to Belvedere 1943-07-11
EN479 Patrolled S.E Sicily. 1943-07-12
EN479 Sweep Catania to Gerbini 1943-07-13
JK522 Patrolled Augusta to Catania at 15000ft 1943-07-14
JK722 Patrolled Naval units off S.E Sicily. 1943-07-16
EN479 Sweep Catania plain. At Gerbini 80 plus M.T's seen. Traffic blocked at bridge. 1943-07-17
JF419 Scrambled vector 360° proved friendly. 1943-07-29
EN479 Scrambled, no e/a seen. 1943-08-08
JK650 Island patrol 1943-08-12
JK873 Scrambled. Bogey friendly. 1943-08-25
JK672 Convoy patrol 1943-08-31
EN402 Island patrol 1943-09-07
JK950 Convoy patrol 1943-09-08
Italy surrenders 1943-09-10
JK522 Escort convoy N.E of Malta 1943-09-16
19th to 24th nil operations squadron movement from Malta to Sicily. 1943-09-19
JK672 Convoy patrol N.E of Riposto 1943-09-25
BR498 Escort convoy off Syracuse 1943-09-25
JK722 Escort convoy from Augusta to Syracuse. 1943-09-27
1st to 16th nil operations squadron moved from Gerbini, Sicily to Grottaglie, Italy. 1943-10-01
EN390 Patrolled 18,000ft over base (Grottaglie) 1943-11-11
JK672 Escort to bombers to Durazzo. Staffed tanks with cannon & m.g lorries. Light A/A F/O Clark hit by cannon shell. 1943-11-15
JK672 Search for S/L Page. Recalled after t/o 1943-11-17
S/Ldr Chase arrives at 73 from 126 Squadron. 1943-11-20
JG953 1943-11-29
JK991 Squadron move from Montecorvino to Foggia, main. 1943-12-02
JK991 Local flying 1943-12-09
JK991 Formation practice 1943-12-10
JK991 Foggia to Bari. Communication flying. 1943-12-14
JK991 Escort DC from Bari to Termoli 1943-12-14
JK991 Foggia to Taranto 1943-12-17
JK991 Cannon test & formation flying. 1943-12-19
EN252 Air test 1943-12-19
JK991 To Bari to refuel for escort work 1943-12-21
JK991 Bari to Vasto escort DC 1943-12-21
MA712 Scrambled E/A approaching Bari, nothing seen. 1944-01-03
JK991 Sweep Vis and neighbor islands. Only light Flak from Vis harbor. 1944-01-11
JK891 Sweep Vis & neighboring islands. No incidents. 1944-01-13
JK437 Search for ditched Liberator Niget Island, fail to find. 1944-01-14
JK991 Sweep W. of Lagosta, Brac & Split. Vectored over islands no E/A seen. 1944-01-17
JL226 Practice flying. 1944-01-19
JK991 Practice flying. 1944-01-20
MA531 Cannon test 1944-01-20
JK991 Sweep over enemy occupied islands Lagost & Vis. Light A/A 1944-01-25
JK991 Sweep over Vic 1944-01-26
JK991 To Vito 1944-01-27
MA531 Sweep Vis, S. of Brac & Hvar without incident. 1944-01-30
MA531 Sweep Vis, Brac & Hvar without incident. 1944-01-31
MA531 Straffed trains, wagons & lorries at Hutovo. 1 engine destroyed 2 wagons destroyed 1944-02-02
MA531 Escort destroyers to Stari Grad Bay where they shelled the town. 1944-02-04
MA531 Sweep inland to Poljice. Destroyed engine in station & lorry along road 1944-02-10
JK991 Sweep over Vis, not incidents. 1944-02-16
MA311 Recce Dalmatian coast forced to return owing to bad weather. 1944-02-20
F/Sgt Bailey killed in Spit JK709 near Gioia from bad weather. 1944-02-20
MA531 12 spits airborne split into 2 sections. Staffed lorries, personal & trains. At Metkovic encountered H & L.AA . S/Ldr Chase hit by flak & crash landed on Vis. P.O.W. 1944-02-28


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