Spitfire MA311


model: IX
factory: CBAF
engine: M63


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46MU 3-6-43 82MU 13-6-43 SS708 14-6-43 Casablanca 29-6-43 Middle East 1-8-43 NWAfricanAF 1-11-43 32S [FACE 14-6-44] Engine cut on recce forcelanded 15m SE of Berceta 19-3-45

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Name Date Rank Status
McCall J C 1943‑11‑06 W/O pow
Karatau E M 1943‑11‑26 W/O ok
Bretherton B A 1943‑12‑14 F/L ok
Bailey J F 1943‑12‑24 W/O kia
Hayne C J 1944‑01‑14 F/L pow
Buckley T W 1944‑01‑18 W/O kia
Bremner F C 1944‑01‑25 F/L kia
Williams L E 1944‑01‑31 W/O kia
Hayne C J 1944‑02‑04 F/L pow
Clarke B W 1944‑02‑08 F/L kia
Williams L E 1944‑02‑15 W/O kia
Chase J H 1944‑02‑20 S/L pow
Clarke B W 1944‑02‑20 F/L kia
Hayne C J 1944‑03‑02 F/L pow
Karatau E M 1944‑03‑02 W/O ok
Williams L E 1944‑03‑21 W/O kia
Bremner F C 1944‑03‑29 F/L kia
McCall J C 1944‑04‑02 W/O pow
McCall J C 1944‑04‑07 W/O pow
McCall J C 1944‑04‑07 W/O pow
Wyndham A A 1944‑05‑03 F/O ok
Slade J W 1944‑07‑16 S/L ok
Clark P JAF 1944‑07‑18 Sgt pow
Pratt D L 1944‑07‑26 F/Sgt kia
Joynt A E 1945‑03‑19 F/O kifa
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