BAILEY, John Frederick


rank: W/O
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: 1316181 )
born: Norhleach United Kingdom

added by: Justin

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Sgt John Bailey joined 73 Sqdn 30th May 1943.

Flew Hurricanes up until June when the first Spitfires started to arrive at the squadron.

(20/02/1944) Crashed in Spitfire Vc JK709 near Gioia on a flight from Canne to Grottiglie.

Burial/Commemoration Details : VI. D. 5. at Bari War Cemetery, Italy



Squadrons add
RAF 73 1943-05-01


Spitfires started to replace Hurricanes. Sgt Bailey flew Hurricanes in the squadron before June 1943-06-15
JK427 Local flying, type experience. 1943-06-19
JK604 Local flying 1943-06-19
JK534 Local flying 1943-06-21
JK604 Local flying 1943-06-21
JK604 Local flying 1943-06-22
JK427 Patrol off Bizerte 1943-06-26
JK989 Local flying 1943-06-28
JK604 Local flying 1943-06-28
JK427 Dawn patrol 10 miles off Bizerte 1943-06-29
JK427 Dawn patrol 1943-06-30
JK460 Patrol convoy off Bizerte 1943-07-01
JK604 Local flying 1943-07-03
JK892 Patrol convoy 1943-07-07
JK546 Shipping patrol 1943-08-01
JG953 Convoy patrol N.W of Bizerte. Saw tanker blow up. 1943-08-02
JK427 Formation flying 1943-08-07
JK604 Scrambled to 17,000ft but recalled 1943-08-13
JK460 Dinghy search 30 miles E. of Cap Bon. Did not find. 1943-08-15
JG953 Aircraft test 1943-08-16
JG953 Scrambled to 20,000ft over Bizerte. Plot faded didn't see E/A 1943-08-16
JK190 Aircraft test 1943-08-17
JK460 Flying practice 1943-08-18
JK892 A.A. co-op 1943-08-22
JK604 Patrol Bizerte 1943-08-22
Patrolled Bizerte at 25,000ft 1943-08-23
Formation flying 1943-08-23
JK892 Flying practice 1943-09-02
JK460 Practice formation Sebala to Kairouan & return. 1943-09-04
JK460 Scrambled, nothing seen. 1943-09-05
JK460 Patrolled Cap Bon 1943-09-05
JK460 Sebala to Bouficha 1943-09-07
JK190 Sebala to Bo Rigyo 1943-09-08
JK190 Patrol convoy off Cape Bon 1943-09-08
JK190 Formation flying 1943-09-18
JL138 Shadow firing. 1943-09-18
Nil flying awaiting instructions to move. 1943-09-20
Nil flying from 1st to 16th awaiting instructions to move. 1943-10-01
JK190 Sebala, Algiers to Catania, Sicily. Squadron move. 1943-10-17
JK190 Catania to Montecorvino 1943-10-18
JK190 Patrol Naples and 23,000ft 1943-10-21
JK190 Patrol Naples from 12.35 to 13.25 1943-10-21
JK190 Shipping patrol Salerno area. 1943-10-23
JK190 Patrol Naples 1943-10-23
JK460 Patrol Naples 1943-10-23
JK460 Shipping patrol point Licosa to Capri 1943-10-24
JK190 Patrol convoy 1943-10-26
JK190 Patrol Naples 1943-10-27
JK460 Patrol Naples 1943-10-27
JK190 Patrol Naples 1943-10-29
JK460 Shipping recce from Capri to Licosa point. 1943-11-01
JK460 Patrol Naples at 23,000ft 1943-11-02
JK190 Patrol Naples 16.00 to 17.20 1943-11-02
JK546 Patrol Naples 1943-11-05
JK190 Patrol convoy 1943-11-07
JK460 Patrol convoy 1943-11-07
JK190 Patrol Naples 1943-11-11
JK190 Patrol convoy between Capri & Naples. 1943-11-13
JK190 Patrol convoy 1943-11-14
JK437 To Brindisi for operations in Albania 1943-11-15
JK437 Strafing attack on Durazzo (Albania) 1943-11-15
JK437 Return to Montecorvino from Brindisi. 1943-11-16
JK190 Patrol convoy south of Capri 1943-11-20
JK991 Sector recce 1943-12-09
MA252 Scrambled over base, nothing seen. 1943-12-14
JK709 Foggia to Taranto 1943-12-17
MA633 Scrambled E/A but found nothing. 1943-12-18
JK709 To Bari to refuel for escort work. 1943-12-21
JK709 Bari to Vasto, escort for DC3 1943-12-21
JK709 Vasto to Foggia. 1943-12-21
MA311 Aircraft test 1943-12-24
JK991 Practice flying & formation. 1943-12-30
JK892 Shipping recce from N.W Bari to Manfredonia. Found nothing. 1943-12-31
JK437 Air test 1944-01-07
JK709 Sweep over Vis & neighbouring islands 1944-01-13
JK546 Local flying 1944-01-14
JK546 Search for Liberator Niget Island, no trace found. 1944-01-14
JK709 Search for Lightning in distress course180° 1944-01-16
MA633 Scrambled bogey over Termoli, plot faded. 1944-01-17
JK437 Practice interceptions 1944-01-18
JK970 Convoy patrol but failed to locate. Vieste area. 1944-02-02
JK709 Scrambled to intercept bogey, proved friendly. 1944-02-08
MA630 Seep inland to Poljice attacked train and lorry both destroyed. 1944-02-10
JK970 Recce of harbors & shipping, Dalmatian islands. At korcula many small schooners sighted & light flak. Landfall at Sipan then Hvar to Vis. 1944-02-18
JK970 Recce of shipping over. Harbour at Korcula small shipping.Two destroyed & merchant vessels in Harbour W. of Split. 1944-02-19
JK709 Crashed near Gioia on a flight to Grottiglie. 1944-02-20


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