Memorial Projects

This site (beta) is dedicated to spitfire pilots of WWII. Once we get a chance (fall 2015), we'll list all the memorial projects underway (or completed) to pilots, that we know of or users submit to us. We'll include a map, so that these locations can be viewed by proximity. Please use the contact us at the bottom of this page, and we'd be glad to feature your memorial project.

For any group that adds 5 or more pilots, we'll additionally recognize you in our "Honour Roll" by placing your logo and link on each and every page on the site, including the home page, in the Spitfire blueprint near the lower navigation. It will remain there for a year!

We are also looking for a global "board of directors" i.e. a content curator from each country that flew the spitfire in WWI, please use the Contact Us at the bottom of this page if you are interested in working with 2 or 3 other curators from your country to add pilot information, and work internationally with other digital curators.