Spitfire MT818


model: LFVIII
factory: EA
engine: M66


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CRD VAHP 13-6-44 RAE 10-44 comparison trials with PT452 Sold VA 21-6-47 Cv Type 502 two-seat trainer B condition N32 Civil reg G-AIDN Sold John Fairey Hampshire Aero Club 9-56 wheels up landing Coventry airport 6-2-78 Extant Oregon USA

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by: Spitfire609 2016-04-23 07:19:32

MT818 Remarks by Tony Banham: "Originally built as a Type 359 Spitfire F.Mk.VIII in 1944, RAF s/n MT818. In 1946 it was converted to the Type 502 Spitfire T.Mk.VIII two-seat demonstration trainer. First it carried the 'Class B' marking N-32 but later it was registered as G-AIDN. At the time of the photo G-AIDN was owned by John Fairey, the aircraft is shown in the colours of the Hampshire Flying Club. It was de-registered on July 3, 1986 and sold to the USA and registered N58JE on August 13, 1986 and is still registered to a private owner in Oregon."

reply: Aquilator Oregon? 2018-09-16 15:52:23

Just today 16-09-2018 I saw a spitfire with serial MT818 on EHLE, Lelystad Int. Airport, the Netherlands.
According to bystanders, this plane is based in Biggin Hill, UK.
So, if this is the same airframe, it is not based in Oregon

reply: snaap 2018-10-02 20:11:00

MT818 was in Holland that day along with Spit TB885 to fly two US War Veterans for a flight over Arnhem and Veghel for a Operation Market Garden Remembrance. I actually flew in MT818 this past sunday at Biggin Hill.