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Writing on behalf of my- father Edgar Owen who was a spitfire pilot with 67 squadron as seen in the enclosed photo(he is the one right at the back elevated) after his squadron led by Bob Day (driving) shooting down 6 'Oscars' near Akypab. He died ten years ago in 2007 after a very happy life -my mother -his wife is still going strong at 96. They were both from Liverpool -he went out and back on the Otranto -to South Africa to train in 1942 aged 21.Surviving the war he stayed in the RAF stationed at Llandedr for a year and then moved down to Swansea where I was born.He used to tell great stories of his harsh days in Burma and the likes of Dave Bockus, Sid Norris and Bob Day. If anybody has any further info on 67 squadron I'd be grateful

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 Owen, Edgar, R