Russell, Richard G C


rank: F/L
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 86703 )
born: United Kingdom

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Service No: 86703

Richard Gerald Cruickshanks RUSSELL

DFC Citation
The London Gazette
29th June 1945

Flight Lieutenant Richard Gerald Cruickshanks RUSSELL (86703) RAFVR 241 Sqn

This officer has participated in a large number of varied sorties. He has set a fine example of skill and courage and has invariably pressed home his attacks with accuracy and determination.

On his last sortie in April, 1945, Flight Lieutenant Russell took part in an armed reconnaissance. When nearing Padova a convoy of enemy vehicles was sighted In the face of considerable light anti aircraft fire a good attack was pressed home In the first run over the target, Flight Lieutenant Russell's aircraft was hit. Despite this, he made several more runs over the target.

He afterwards flew back to an airfield where he executed a perfect landing although the tyre of one of the landing wheels was punctured.


Squadrons add
RAF 1944-11-05
RAF 241 1945-04-30
RAF 601 1944-11-05


Aircraft Flownadd
PT370 1944-11-13
PT583 1944-11-05
PT593 1944-11-07
PT597 1944-11-06
PT641 1944-11-06
MH765 1945-03-06
MH818 1945-01-29
NH370 1945-04-24
NH592 1945-04-28
PT362 1945-01-21
PT600 1945-01-29
PT720 1945-02-23
PT767 1945-01-04
TA866 1945-03-16
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