Spitfire MA802


model: IX
factory: CBAF
engine: M63


All Images:


6MU 19-7-43 47MU 27-7-43 SS732 5-8-43 Casablanca 18-8-43 218Grp NAfrica 30-11-43 32S 'GZ-D' Crashlanded during sweep nr Vina Yugoslavia 2-3-44

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by: andrea Spitfire MA 802 2016-03-05 23:47:40

Spitfire Mk. IX, MA 802, 32 Sq. pilot F/Sgt Bishop E.F. Crash at 03 rd. of March, 1944, Vina willage, near Vrgorac, Yugoslavia ( today Croatia)

reply: andrea MA802/ Sgt Bishop E.F. 2016-03-16 20:03:47

Hit by AAA ( selfpropelled ) from Prolog ( Vrgorac, Yugoslavia, now Croatia, captured by quisling Ustashas, transfered to Germans, playing a star, smoking a pipe or a cigare. Wint into willage Prolog on a german jeep, not sign of bad mood. Leter wisited Vrgorac, spendin summer hollidays in Podgora. ( According to eyewitness Mgr. Milivoj Franić , my ex. colegue, and friend,inhabitant of Prolog , at that time,10 years old about. At that time a small river Matica was a border between Partisans and Germans. The plot crashlanded on the wrong side oif the river, a cople of hundred meters.

reply: andrea Spitfire MA802 2016-03-23 21:00:38

Correction, german troops were in Veliki Prolog, not Prolog which is in the near.

reply: andrea MA802 2016-12-04 17:00:54

Bishop G. ( Gerry )F.

by: andrea Gerry F. Bishop 2017-05-10 09:51:36

The second picture represents Mr. Gerry F. Bishop, the last pilot of the Spitfire MA802 GZ-D. This picture is a smartphone picture taken from the TV screen (VHS to DVD). There is a short film about hist last visit to the crash site of his Spitfire in Vina, near Vrgorac, Croatia. I hope that I will manage to upload it here.

reply: andrea Gerry F. Bishop/ GZ-D, MA802/ 2017-08-19 21:43:21

I made a contact with Mr. Kevin Bishop, the son of late Gerry F. Bishop. Waiting for his second letter.