Spitfire MT686


model: LFVIII
factory: ?
engine: M66


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6MU 10-6-44 82MU 28-6-44 Samsturdy 30-6-44 Casablanca 13-7-44 154S 145S Collided with MT565 during combat practice nr Cesena 7-2-45 SOC 14-3-46

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Name Date Rank Status
Beswick D G E 1945‑01‑03 F/Sgt ok
Collyer A G 1945‑01‑03 F/Sgt ok
Padden C T 1945‑01‑08 Sgt ok
McKay G R S 1945‑01‑17 F/L ok
Williams R M P 1945‑01‑20 W/O ok
Stacey A J 1945‑01‑30 F/Sgt kia
Moffat J R 1945‑02‑04 W/O kia
Clifton O E 1945‑02‑06 W/O ok
Smith S G 1945‑02‑07 W/O ok
Britton B C 1945‑02‑10 F/O ok
Woodley A B 1945‑03‑12 Lt ok
Nevett R G 1945‑03‑16 F/O ok
Anderson J M G 1945‑04‑02 Lt ok
Melville G T Y 1945‑04‑08 P/O ok
Hoskin P W 1945‑04‑09 Sgt ok
Anderson J MV 1945‑04‑10 P/O ok
Hammet A R M 1945‑04‑13 F/L ok
Sadler C 1945‑04‑14 P/O ok
Chapman J R 1945‑04‑14 F/O ok
Keates V R 1945‑04‑16 Sgt ok
Wright G R 1945‑04‑16 Sgt ok
Reeves N C 1945‑04‑25 Sgt ok
Benzie J 1945‑04‑25 Sgt ok
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