Spitfires Up Close - Newly added Wide Images are Spectacular!


Any user who visits the 'Spitfire' section of the site where all 22,000+ Spitfire serials can be accessed, will notice that if the page (Spitfire) has any images in it's listing, one will be selected and placed at the top of the page, in large format. Spectacular new detail emerges with this enhancement, as the horizontal nature of the Spitfire images lend themselves to wide full screen display.

See Spitfire LA323 as an example of the new page format. To view others, click 'Spitfires' on the top navigation of the site and select any you see a thumbnail for. It is exciting to see a Spitfire with crew around it in various theatres of operation. These are precious snapshots, some of these images being liberated from attics for the very first time, just like LA323 above.

So how do Spitfire images appear. Users make use of the WIKI feature on this site to source an image, and, upload it to the Spitfire page (by serial) in question after finding it's entry on Users can also add a comment to the image (attribution/source) if required, and, other users can then comment on the image or aircraft details in general. Note that uploads and comments are reviewed by the site administrator, however, it is generally up to the 'crowd' to flag any issues with an image, or, suggest a correction.

It's one thing we've seen with Spitfire enthusiasts, there are experts all over the world who have deep knowledge on particular campaigns, aircraft types, or events. As such, the community of experts and enthusiasts are also moderators of the site.

We'll be making more improvements to various pages and sections, and, your input is valuable in helping us determine what to add next, please make recommendations using the contact us link below, and, thanks.

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