Lots of entries continue to pour in from enthusiasts and relatives of former pilots. As founder of this site 5 years ago, I am thrilled about the growing database of pilot biographies, regardless of their operational experience. And not just their war efforts (if they survived) what they went on with after the war. And their pre-war histories as well. Who were these men and women that desperately wanted to fly in order to protect the free world from tyranny. That's part of what the site is about, along with operational details, the aircraft they flew, the squadrons they belonged to and so on.

I personally would like to add more software features, to build both feature and function that users of the site (about 3,500 a month) enjoy. There is a lot more to do?

As it's two people doing the development and hosting the site, there are costs. So my question to any reading the blog, if you so choose to support the site, how would you do that, and, what other ideas or features would you like to see. Likely others would want the same.

So if you have the time, please shoot me back on email (click contact us below) on your thoughts on these 'support' ideas, new features you'd like to see, and, which concepts you'd support to keep the site growing, such as;

a) donation button (top right of site) suggest cover one month's hosting at $25 CAD

b) an annual subscription (again $25 CAD) giving the subscriber some additional (new) features

c) purchase something (a t-shirt, a mug - with your pilot details on it?)

d) Your idea here -- what would you like to see on the site?

If you've enjoyed reading some of biographies, following a pilot (we have a button for that), maintaining a profile where your additions are tracked, and so on, I'd like to hear from you.

To all of those contributing pilots and biographies (only about 20,000 more to go!) thank-you, the images liberated from attics are stunning, and, I am sure these are a top hit for other readers also.

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