A Grandson Continues the Udpates


The grandson of (Gil) G. M. Haase (154 Squadron) has been steadily adding imagery and Spitfire serials flown by his Grandfather. F/O Hasse was born in New Zealand, and, initially trained in Canada and served with RAF and RCAF before joining his compatriots in the RNZAF.

If you visit the pilot page for (Gil) G. M. Haase, you will see a nice collection of images, and, that's the kind of content we prize on this site especially the ones never published before.

On top of that Rhys (Grandson) has his Grandad's log book and has been slowly adding each and every aircraft flown. That list is now quite long and each is linked to the particular aircraft page. Rhys has also added pics for some of those serials as well. Thanks Rhys, and note that if anyone else makes changes to the pilot page, Rhys is a follower and will get a notification. This is one way relatives can get updated when others add new and interesting content.

In other news for the site, if you've checked out the Spitfires section (top nav) you will see hundreds of Spitfire images added to their associated listings. Thanks largely to Neil McKenzie, we've seen somewhere in the vicinity of 500 images added, and other users chime in with a few of their own. Bravo Bravo Aviation is another, a great site to grab an aviation print or two, we notice some Spitfire imagery coming from them also, so shout out to all our recent contributors.

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