Stocky Edwards Passes Away at 100 May 14, 2022


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Funeral services were held Friday morning for Second World War fighter ace James "Stocky" Edwards in Courtenay, B.C.

Edwards was a decorated Canadian fighter pilot who died on May 14 in his home just three weeks shy of his 101st birthday, with his wife, Toni, and close friends by his side.

Prior to the service at Christ the King Catholic Church, Edwards' daughter, Dorothy Edwards, shared some of her memories of her father with the media.

"It's a really sad day. He's my dad and he's not here now, but he was a hero when we needed heroes and now we need them again," she said.

Dorothy called her father an inspiration and noted that the funeral was being attended by many military personnel and friends who also admired him.

Edwards was active in various charities and outdoor activities right up until his death.

"I think that he passed happily knowing that he did everything he could," said Edwards.

"Almost all [his interests] had the outdoors in common and the environment," she said. "He was a hunter and a fisherman and a painter. He had a whole lot of [passions], more than hobbies because he did them so well and for so long."

Edwards was well known internationally for his achievements, even being decorated several times by both Canada and France.

He was known for being humble, and his daughter says his children were unaware of their father's heroic past."

You can read the whole article on CTV NEWS Canada at Stocky Edwards Funeral ... There are other images and a video in this article.

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