Usage Stats and Update


Thanks to everyone contributing otherwise "lost to the attics" photos and bio information recently. Family members and others who still have access to photos, documents, and, memories that can be shared tell the story of these pilots. We wish we could do more, for example, have a ground crew database as well, but the efforts to maintain a site like this do have their costs. If anyone has a story worthy of a blog post here for other ranks within ground crew, we'd love to post it.

In the meantime, here's where we are at with usage of the site, I think it shows the typical readership, with the UK being the largest and then countries with pilot representation from around the world. Interestingly France is always in the mix, no doubt because of the operations and direct contact with pilots in WWII. From 2nd place United States, it's a descending mix of countries like Canada, Australia, Poland, Holland, New Zealand, Czechia and so on.

Thanks for your support, whether it's imagery, further pilot detail, or a simple donation that helps us offset hosting costs.

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