LAUNDY, Sidney Charles John


rank: F/Sgt
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 1147350 )
born: 1920-10-16 Chadwell Heath, Essex United Kingdom

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Served on 2 OTU.
Sidney Charles John Laundy first joined 54 Squadron RAF on 21st May 1943

Sid Laundy was born on 16 October 1920, and was a native of County Essex/England. He enlisted in the RAFVR on 14 March 1941. After completion of his training he was posted to 54 Squadron RAF in Northern Australia as a Sgt on 20 May 1943. Exactly one month later he made his first claim, destroying a Zeke West of Darwin. Ten days later, on 30 June, he was involved in heavy action over the Anson Bay area. He destroyed one Betty, probably destroyed another, and damaged a third, before his Spitfire was hit, causing it to smoke badly at first, before starting to burn. He was forced to bail out at 1250ft, however in doing so struck the tail, dislocating his shoulder and fracturing his arm. He was found in the bush 8 miles North West of Adelaide River. After recovery in hospital he was returned to 54 Squadron, and was promoted to W/O by 1944. On 1 November 1944, while flying Spitfire A58-302, he experienced a loss of power at 3200ft. Despite his best efforts he failed to regain power, and attempted a forced landing on a beach. Unable to make it, he belly landed in the water 200ft from Darwin's main jetty. Laundy was slightly injured in the landing. He was commissioned on 11 April 1945, and was promoted to F/O on 27 July.
Combat Claims:

1 43.06.20 54RAF Spitfire Zeke Darwin EE605
1 1P 1D 43.06.30 54RAF Spitfire Betty Batchelor BR490


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RAAF 2 OTU 1944-05-01
RAF 54 Squadron 1943-05-21
RAF 54 Squadron 1944-07-08


EF587 Forced landing 1944-05-03


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