Spitfire EN149


model: PRXI
factory: CHA
engine: M61


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FF 15-12-42 33MU 20-12-42 1PRU Benson 11-1-43 VASM 29-9-43 universal camera install 541S 11-10-43 CB ops 9-2-44 ros FRU to 84GSU 11-5-44 412RSU 15-6-44 4S 28-9-44 HAL 27-12-44 major repair sold MoS 18-1-49

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Myles J R 1943‑01‑24 P/O ok
Searle E G 1943‑01‑25 P/O ok
Clegg B 1943‑01‑26 F/L kifa
De Puysseleyr J 1943‑02‑04 F/L kia
Glover A 1943‑02‑07 P/O ok
Evans F J 1943‑02‑08 F/Sgt pow
McMillan L 1943‑02‑08 F/L kia
Fairhurst E A 1943‑02‑13 W/C ok
Crakanthorp G R 1943‑02‑16 F/O pow
Cussons R C 1943‑02‑18 P/O ok
Aston B G 1943‑02‑25 F/L pow
Campbell K G 1943‑02‑26 F/L ok
Platts G 1943‑02‑27 F/L kia
Kenwright B R 1943‑03‑05 F/O ok
Steventon D W 1943‑03‑08 S/L ok
Hill D G 1943‑03‑13 Sgt ok
Puttick G W 1943‑03‑18 F/O pow
Furniss D R M 1943‑03‑29 F/L ok
Hunter G C D 1943‑04‑03 F/L kia
Johnson W 1943‑04‑05 F/Sgt pow
Mackie R E 1943‑10‑24 F/O ok
Bendixsen J 1943‑11‑03 F/L ok
Brew J R 1943‑11‑05 P/O kifa
Aitken J MG 1943‑11‑07 Sgt kia
Gravenstede D J 1943‑11‑09 P/O ok
Saffery J H 1943‑12‑12 S/L ok
Gorrill V I 1944‑01‑23 F/O ok
Pollard D 1944‑01‑29 F/L kia
Lavender J 1944‑01‑30 P/O ok
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