EVANS, Francis Job


rank: F/Sgt
status: pow
airforce: RAF    (no: 1284654 )
born: United Kingdom

added by: John R. Bendixsen

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Francis (Frank) Job EVANS

POW 1943-02-10 Spitfire AB125

Sorry, this is a rough translation:

Shot down and crashed on February 10, 1943, during a PR flight to photograph Rotterdam.

Evans jumps out of his aircraft near the Dutch coast. He says he landed in Belgium. In short, the local sailors picked him up and hid his uniform. His intention is to walk to Spain. He keeps fed from farm to farm and crosses the Ardennes at times hitchhiking.

He succeeded to go in the direction envy in Yonne in March in the CARROZE family in Malay-le-Petit. Not knowing what to do, the family sent their son to prevent Dr. BONNECAZE quite mysteriously. This family lives in Malay only recently and nobody knows.

Dr. John LAREBEYRETTE, 6 Rue des Vieilles capita ovens in Sens, arranges with local
entrepreneur, ALEXANDRE, and warns Paris to come and take a flier.

Robert and Catherine JANOT Ayle come to the rendezvous in the countryside, protected by ALEXANDRE. No incident was passing the examination, Evans is brought to Sens home of LAREBEYETTE where Robert Ayle establishes him false papers. They eat it. There are no night train to Paris, and the doctors of the region being searched, Evans was taken to bed at 5 Rue Pasteur in Sens, in women doctor's room. Ayle (and JANOT?) Is housed in a senonnais hotel. The next day they all leave Paris.

In Paris, he stayed 5-6 weeks with Catherine BRUNEL, wife JANOT at 11 Boulevard d'Eylau in the seventh. His stepfather Gaston JANOT provides him the laundry. It is supported by Robert Ayle and meets John Curry (plug A093). He also met Jean Pradat, an informer of the Gestapo.

A week after the arrest of Gilbert Wright (plug C118), is guided to the Austerlitz station by Jean-François and Pierre Nothomb Schloessing (plug A091). While he waits on a dock in the Gare d'Austerlitz train to the South, he was arrested by the Gestapo: It had false papers in the name Wright. To the question "Where are your friends?", He replied that he did not, and search the train stops.

The return of "Franco", Robert Ayle will prevent Catherine JANOT she must immediately leave his house after the second arrest of an airman who left her house. She evacuated a young British prisoner who was there and asked John Curry, which is among Laromiguière, not to return home. It starts then seek refuge among the TINEL at 254 Boulevard Saint-Germain Paris VII.

Evans is found in Germany, first at Stalag Luft 6, then to Stalag Luft 3. Prisoner No. 312.


Squadrons add
RAF 541
RAF 543


BP926 541 1943-01-21
AB125 541 1943-01-24
R7042 541 1943-02-03
EN149 541 1943-02-08
AB125 1943-02-10


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