Spitfire JF275


model: VIII
factory: EA
engine: M61


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FF 21-11-42 CRD VAWD 24-11-42 trials with Super trop air intake 6-2-43 1CRU 25-9-43 CF Staff College 16-8-45 ? 29MU 25-7-45 sold in Buenos Aires 13-6-47

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Name Date Rank Status
Barnato-Walker D 1944‑07‑23 1/Off ok
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by: Fernando Supermarine Spitfire FVIII JF275 information 2018-12-22 20:16:55

Supermarine Spitfire FVIII msn 3632 - 6S 197158
1) Eastleigh, Southampton, contract Air/1877.
2) originally Type 359 FVIIC with RR Merlin 61.
3) First flight: 21-11-42.
4) to RAF: JF275 RAF
5) CRD (Controller of Research and Development), Worthy Down, Hampshire, 24-11-42.
6) Used for air intakes tests. 06-02-43.
7) 1 Civil Repair Unit, Cowley, Oxfordshire, 25-09-43.
8) CF (Communications Flight), RAF Staff College "TBR-L", White Waltham, Berkshire, 16-08-45.
9) 29 MU 25-07-45.
10) sold to Argentina representative for british enterprises Henri Hennequin & Co. 13-06-47.
11) Buenos Aires, August 1947. Offered to Aeronautics Ministery but at the moment, Argentine Air Force acquired italian Fiat G-55 fighters. JF-275 never flew in tests.
12) to La Plata University (Universidad Nacional de la Plata), 1948, used for educational purposes between 1950 - 1966.
13) Sold for scrap in late ´70s.


by: Fernando Photos details 2018-12-22 20:17:57

JF275 at La Plata University for educational purposes