Spitfire L1032


model: Ia
factory: EA
engine: MIII


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FF 26-6-39 19S 29-6-39 Hit by return fire from He111 and abandoned Newmarket Suffolk 19-6-40 SOC CE 24-6-40 FH195

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Name Date Rank Status
Petre G W 1940‑06‑19 G/C ok
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by: Red Dragon Spitfire L1032 2017-04-24 20:37:27

Pilot:-Flt Lt G W Petre.
The pilot located a bomber near Newmarket. This was 5J+AM of 4./KG4, which then turned and headed for RAF Honington. Flt Lt Petre opened fire, smoke was seen to issue from the damaged engine, but had to sheer off hard to avoid a collision to another aircraft that appeared along side-a Blenheim- also firing at the Heinkel. At that moment searchlights illuminated the Spitfire, allowing the Heinkel's gunners to return accurate fire. The Spitfire was hit in the fuel tank and burst into flames. Flt Lt Petre was able to bale out but his face and hands were badly burnt. On landing he was rushed off to hospital in Bury St Edmunds. Meanwhile his burning Spitfire hit the roof of Thurston House before crashing in it's garden.
First of the Few 5 June-9 July 1940. Author:-Brian Cull