Spitfire P7350


model: IIa
factory: CBAF
engine: MXII


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6MU 13-8-40 266S 603S 17-10-40 FACB 616S 10-4-41 Scottish Aviation 5-8-41 CGS 27-4-42 FACB 4-2-43 AST sold scrap J.Dale Donated RAF Colerne. Used in BoB film G-AWIJ Extant with BBMF Coningsby

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Name Date Rank Status
Bennett P M 1943‑03‑23 F/Capt ok
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P7350 (QJ-K)

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P7350 (ZH-T)

by: kurtis from raf bbmf page on P7350 2018-02-10 10:27:27

With the Battle of Britain at its height, P7350 was allocated to No 266 Squadron at Wittering on 6 September 1940 and given the code letters ‘UO-T’. Subsequently 266 Squadron moved to Martlesham Heath and then to Collyweston taking P7350 with them. Then, on 17 October 1940, P7350 was one of 13 Mk IIa Spitfires transferred to No 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron (AuxAF) at Hornchurch. The aircraft’s code letters were changed to 603 Squadron codes; the individual aircraft letter is not definitely known, but the best guess is that P7350 was coded ‘XT-W’. On 25 October, whilst being flown by Polish pilot Ludwik Martel, P7350 was shot down by a German Bf109. A cannon shell punched a large hole in the port wing and Martel was wounded by shrapnel in the left side of his body and legs. Despite his injuries Martel managed to fly the aircraft down through 16,000 feet of thick cloud, in pain and fighting to stay conscious, to force land in a field near Hastings.