Spitfire TB383


model: LFXVI
factory: ?
engine: M266


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9MU 4-2-45 322S 22-3-45 Engine cut on approach Varrelbusch CE 8-5-45

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Name Date Rank Status
Baxter-Jones V R 1945‑03‑18 1/Off ok
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by: JoopSiep ORB 322 (Dutch) Squadron RAF 2016-09-27 14:35:21

Form 540 Operation No. 1 today was a rail interdicition by the Squadron operating in 3 sections betweem OLDENBURG and WILHELMSHAVEN. 1 direct hit and 1 near miss at R.3113. Direct hits were obtained on 2 houses at R.3226. F/O NORMAN, who only arrived a few days ago, died after crash landing in occupied territory, having developed engine trouble. The second operation was also a rail interdiction in the same area as Op. 1. At R.3029 there were near misses on the embankment and direct hits on nearby houses. At R.3110 3 bombs damaged the embankment. Meagre inaccurate heavy flak from R.23
F/LT BRAIDWOOD (British) reported on posting from No.74 Squadron for Flight Commander duties, "A" Flight. F/LT HUNTER and F/O DODD (both British pilots) reported on posting from 84 G.S.U. F/SGT AERTSEN had a narrow escape when his aircraft developed engine trouble and cut when in the circuit. Having no power he undershot the runway and the aircraft overturned, but F/SGT AERTSEN was uninjured.