Tour of Battle of Britain Airfields Summer 2017


As we head into the New Year 2017, it's time to line up some new activity for allspitfirepilots . org.

One of which is a potential cycle tour (mostly on sustrans NCN routes) between Battle of Britain stations / airfields. I'd be glad to have anyone join me, cycling for a day or two or just meeting up.

The main purpose of the trip is to tour, learn, add more pilots as I ride, and, encourage others who have information to do so. While relatives from all these countries have been posting pilot information, the largest traffic base is from the UK. The decision to move forward with the trip will be based on RSVPs for a few pub nights, or, if a number of readers respond with an interest to meet up and share their stories.

We'll be adding many more pilot biographies as we cycle / visit along the way so keep clicking the "Feed" at the bottom of the site for a quick glimpse on what's new. You can sign-up to add or follow a set of pilots and get notified when new content gets added - and join in to build the history. You don't have to cycle to participate. More to follow.

Happy New Year 2017!

Kurt - Founder
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