ELLIOTT, Robert Deacon


rank: A/VMsh
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 76311 )
born: 1914-11-20 Church Brampton United Kingdom

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Robert Deacon Elliott was born on 20th November 1914 at Church Brampton, Northampton. He joined the RAFVR about August 1937 as an Airman u/t Pilot.

Called to full-time service on 1st September 1939, he completed his training at 6 FTS Little Rlssington on No. 14 Course which ran from 9th October to 9th December 1939. He was commissioned on the 10th and joined 72 Squadron at Drem on the 16th.

Elliott took part in operations over Dunkirk in late May 1940. On 15th August he was at 20,000 feet when his oxygen supply failed. He blacked out and his Spitfire went into a dive and he did not come round until he was at 1000 feet.

On 4th September 1940 he claimed a Me110 destroyed, on the 6th a Me109, on the 9th a Me110 and on the 11th a He111. He was shot down on 6th September in a head-on attack on a Me109 over Maidstone and baled out, unhurt. His Spitfire, N3070, crashed at Wanshurst Green.

Posted to a staff job at HQ Fighter Command in October 1941, Elliott was awarded the DFC (gazetted 17th October 1941) and received a Mention in Despatches.

He was at the RAF Staff College in 1943 and with 84 Group 2nd TAF in 1944.

He later commanded a Wing in Cyprus and the Armament Practice Camp on the island.
He was made an OBE (1954) and a CB (1967). Elliott was a graduate of the Joint Services Staff College and the RAF College of Air Warfare.

He held a number of appointments and commands, including Commandant at Biggin Hill, prior to his retirement on 27th September 1968 as an Air Commodore, retaining the rank of Air Vice-Marshal.

After his retirement he was known as Deacon-Elliott.

Following his retirement Deacon-Elliott was appointed Bursar at the Civil Service College.

His portrait was made by Cuthbert Orde during the war.

He died on 5th June 1997.


Squadrons add
RAF 6 FTS Little Rissington 1939-10-09
RAF 72 SQuadron 1939-12-16
RAF HQ Fighter Command (10/41)
RAF RAF Staff College (1943)
RAF 84 Group 2 ATAF (1944)


N3070 1940-09-06


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