JOHNSON, Thomas Edward


rank: F/O
airforce: RAF    (no: 169100 )
born: United Kingdom

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Service No: 169100

13-Sep-45 DFC Awarded

255 Sqn RAF entry (might be the same person)

Bristol Beaufighter (T/o 23:59hrs) piloted by F/O GILES and F/O JOHNSON as N/R on that occasion) was attacked from astern at 02:35hrs by an unidentified aircraft firing cannon, causing damage that included puncturing of the hydraulic system. The Beaufighter crash-landed back at Pomigliano without injury to the crew. 25.1.1944

F/O (121.291) David GILES DFC (pilot) RAFVR - Ok
F/O T.E. JOHNSON (nav.) RAFVR - Ok

From the National Archives AIR/27/2072 601 Squadron ORB

14th Feb 1945

During the first practice mission of the day, the formation of 4 aircraft investigated an aircraft which was believed enemy and while doing so they flew a little over enemy territory and enemy flak was encountered. F/Lt O.H.E. JONES and F/O T.E. JOHNSON both returned safely to base although their aircraft were (both) damaged by the flak.

24th Apr 1945 (TA817)

On last straffing run F/Lt Johnson called up and said that his A/C had been hit, he flew South and at 11.25 hours was seen to crash land in a field near a house in the Cocommile area flying a white flag he was seen to get out and wave.


Squadrons add
RAF 601 1945-01-01


PT368 1944-11-22
PT603 1944-11-23
PL352 1944-12-04
PT641 1944-12-04
PT835 1944-12-09
PT593 1944-12-11
MK469 1944-12-15
MK137 1944-12-21
PT489 1945-01-03
MH540 1945-01-18
JK884 1945-01-21
PV300 1945-01-22
EN193 1945-01-30
PT584 1945-02-17
PV238 1945-03-03
PV321 1945-03-08
RR244 1945-03-16
PT364 1945-04-05
MK739 1945-04-07
TA817 1945-04-12
MA449 1945-04-16
MA538 1945-04-26
MH598 1945-04-28
MK148 1945-04-30


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