BOULTON, Foss Henry


rank: S/L
status: survived
airforce: RCAF    (no: C1090 )
born: 1919-01-08 Coleman Canada

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BOULTON, S/L Foss Henry (C1090) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.416 Squadron - Award effective 22 May 1943 as per London Gazette dated 4 June 1943 and AFRO 1187/43 dated 25 June 1943. Born 8 January 1919 in Coleman, Alberta; educated there. Timekeeper for Alberta government, 1937-1938; apprentice to an air engineer, Vancouver, 1938-39; steel worker, 1939. Also an AC2 in No.11 Squadron, 19 October 1937 to 2 December 1937. Enlisted in Vancouver as Pilot Officer, 9 September 1939.

At Station Trenton, 20 November 1939 to 6 January 1940; Camp Borden, 6 January 140 to 8 May 1940. Attended instructor course, Trenton, 3 June to 19 July 1940; No.1 SFTS, Camp Borden, 22 July to 28 September 1940; No.3 SFTS, Calgary, 28 September 1940 to 16 May 1941; No.12 SFTS, Brandon, 17 May 1941 to 6 April 1942.

Arrived in UK by plane, 8 April 1943. Attended No.57 OTU, 28 April to 4 August 1942; No.416 Squadron, 14 August to 30 August 1942; No.402 Squadron, 30 August to 20 December 1942; No.416 Squadron, 8 January to 13 May 1943 (shot down by flak while escorting Forts to Amiens; wounded in left arm, back and head; baled out at 26,000 feet; POW at Stalag Luft III); repatriated to Britain, 28 May 1944; returned to Canada and commanded No.3 Release Centre, 9 December 1944 to 31 March 1946; released 6 May 1946. Flying Officer, 18 May 1940; Flight Lieutenant, 15 August 1941; Squadron Leader, 8 January 1943; Wing Commander, 1 March 1945.

Victories as follows: 19 August 1942, one Ju.88 damaged, Dieppe; 6 September 1942, one FW.190 damaged, Meaulte; 3 February 1943, one FW.190 probably destroyed, St.Omer; 3 April 1943, one FW.190 destroyed, Le Touquet; 5 April 1943, one FW.190 damaged west of Ghent; 17 April 1943, one Bf.109F destroyed north of Dieppe; 20 April 1943, one FW.190 destroyed, Dieppe coast; 3 May 1943, one FW.190 destroyed, Samer; 13 May 1943, one FW.190 destroyed and one FW.190 damaged. Photos: PL-15809 (by nose of Spitfire); PL-29862 (with S/L R.A. Buckham, after repatriation); PL-29893 (Flying Officer J.B. Rainville, Sergeant C.H. Bricknell, Boulton, Buckham, after repatriation; PL-30411 standing alone. NOTE: Clipping in biographical file has his remarks to Rotary Club in Ottawa in which he praised Red Cross for food parcels to POWs. "He had a taste of the German black bread which he called 'solidified sawdust'."

This officer has taken part in a large number of sorties, including many low level attacks on targets in northern France. He has invariably displayed great skill and courage and has destroyed at least four enemy aircraft.

Editor's Note:

Browsing through Canadian war museum archives, he shows up in a newspaper article after repatriation "during the war" (not allowed to fight anymore - interesting agreement). This is an excerpt with his quotes on the POW experience.

A Canadian -Fighter " Airfield in
Britain, June 1 (CP).-In two short
comprehensive assertions today,
Sgdn. Ldr. Foss Boulton, D.F.C ., 25-
year-old Coleman, Aita., Spitfire
ace, summarized his experiences
during a year in German hands
after being shat down over Amiens
'May. 13, .1943 .
Sitting in a mess tent shared by
his old City o$ Oshawa Squadron
and two- -other_ Canadian fighter
Silent on Camp. "
units, Boulton, who was repatriated
last week-end, said :
"The Germans have a hell of a
lot to answer for" and "Red Cross
parcels are the salvation of prison
camps in Germany"
His statement about the Germans
~ having a lot to answer for referred ~
particularly to Stalag Luft III,
where he was a prisoner when 47
Allied air officers ; . including six.
Canadians, were slain by the Germans
last March after a mass escape.
Boulton was at that camp
from last Nov. 28 until April 11,
tivhen he left to be repatriated. i
The airman seas not allowed to
talk about the camp but it Was obvious
from what little he did saY
that he could tell a dramatic story,
On his left arm he wore an inclisquare
patch of black cloth, worn
by prisonexs there in memory; of
their slain comrades .
Boulton pictured Germany as, a
country gloomy but not yet desperate
"You hardly see a smiling face," i
he said. "Many are waiting for the
end, but the Gestapo makes sure
.they never express their feelings .
Germany is not completely shattered
and it still will be a tough fight .
,The German front line is strong,'
but general morale of the people, ,
at home has been shattered by Can't Flght Again.
bombing. The Russians are getting "When, I first met the boys in;
nearer. and the thought of ...


Squadrons add
RCAF 416 1942-08-01
RCAF 402 1942-09-06
RCAF 416 1943-02-03


BS309 1942-06-09
EP388 1942-08-19
AB148 1943-02-03
BS306 1943-03-04
BS385 1943-04-05
BS340 1943-04-17


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