ROHACEK, Rudolf Bohumil


rank: P/O
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: 81910 )
born: 1914-11-18 Marianske Hory Czeck Republic

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Rudolf Bohumil Rohacek was born on 18th November 1914 at Marianske Hory in Czechoslovakia. He was in the Czech Air Force when the Germans took over his country on 15th March 1939. He later went to Poland and joined the Czech Air Force there. When Poland fell Rohacek made his way to France and was commissioned in L'Armee de l'Air in late 1939. After the French collapse he went to England and was commissioned in the RAF in July 1940.

Rohacek arrived at 6 OTU Sutton Bridge from RAF Duxford on 17th August. After converting to Hurricanes he was posted to 601 Squadron at Exeter on 11th September. He moved to 238 Squadron at Chilbolton on 8th October. Over Bournemouth on 5th November, in Hurricane P3618, Rohacek was attacked by Me109’s. His radiator was damaged and he made a forced-landing at Blandford, unhurt.

In 1942 Rohacek was serving with 312 Squadron as a Flight Lieutenant. He was killed on 27th April when his Spitfire Vb AD553 crashed 200 yards from Axbridge railway station. He was last seen diving steeply and it is thought probable that Rohacek became unconscious when his oxygen equipment became frozen.

He is buried in St. Hilarys Church, Killay, Swansea - Grave 162.

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Squadrons add
RAF Czech Depot Cosford
RAF 310 Squadron Duxford
RAF 6 OTU Sutton Bridge 1940-08-17
RAF 601 Squadron Exeter 1940-09-11
RAF 238 Squadron Chilbolton 1940-10-08
RAF 312 Squadron Angle


AD553 DU-E 1942-04-27


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