Spencer, Jack


rank: P/O
status: survived
airforce: SAAF
born: 1922-03-06 South Africa

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He enlisted at the age of 19 on 5 May 1941 to become a pilot in the SAAF and following training to fly various aircrafts, joined 1 SAAF on 7 September 1943, based in Sicily. On 27 June 1944 Jack was shot down and was taken prisoner of war for 10 months. He arrived home in Durban on 27 June, a year after his capture.

Editor's note: I watched Jacks' video interview on Youtube and that link is provided to the right (and possibly embedded below). His interview misses nothing, as he gives a detailed account of being hit by flak, parachuting to safety only to be taken prisoner (in 1944). He describes the treatment he received (generally good) and the experience of being a POW, first in transit, interrogation, then to Stalag Luft III (where the Great Escape occurred) and where other airmen were kept. He genuinely seemed like a decent guy -- and spoke very well in giving his interview. Many links to the right for further information. Note from the pic he seems like one of the taller pilots.

In his interview he describes some of the first words he heard upon capture -- which he indicates most airmen also reported -- "for you, the war is over".

The site is an excellent resource with lots of first hand interviews and information on SAAF pilots. (see link right)


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SAAF 1 Squadron 1943-04-01


JG318 AX-K 1944-06-09

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