NEWMAN, Andrew George Patterson


rank: F/O
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: 414664 )
born: 1920-11-01 Timaru New Zealand

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Service No: NZ414664

Andrew George Patterson NEWMAN

From the National Archives AIR/27/987 145 Squadron ORB

18th Jan 1945 - Killed (JF878)

CAPT JACOBS on an Armed Recce N. of the PO found no movement. 15+ barges were seen stationary in the River between G.4618 - 5218 and F/O. NEWMAN and SGT. BRITTON went down to bomb and investigate.

Having missed with bombs he strafed E-W. It would appear he saw something on the River Bank and gave it a ""work out"". As he passed overhead at 100 feet his Target exploded. He flew S. at the same height until his engine caught fire and went in at G.4616.

After the explosion no word was heard of him. On hitting the ground there was no fire but a flash and a puff of black smoke.

It is feared that that he went in with his a/c. Should it be so the Squadron has lost a great Character, known and admired for his cheerfulness, keenness and determination.

Son of Charles William Newman (died 23rd November 1934, age 68), and of Harriet Madalene Newman (née Bain - died 05th April 1957, the 75), of Timaru, New Zealand. 767 flying hours logged and completed 167 operational sorties. Credited with 2 enemy aircraft destroyed.


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RAF 145 1945-01-08


MT565 1945-01-08
JF878 1945-01-09


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