SMITH, Roderick Illingworth Alpine


rank: W/C
status: survived
airforce: RCAF    (no: J4561 )
born: 1922-03-11 Regina Canada

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One of the famous Smith Brothers, Rod Smith grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan and joined the RCAF in September, 1940. On July 15th, 1942, he flew of the deck of HMS EAGLE and did a 600 mile trip across The Med to the beleaguered island fortress of Malta. He was pleasantly surprised to find his brother, Jerry Smith already there and the pair flew in 126 Squadron. Jerry was killed in action on the Aug 10th, 42.

Rod survived his Malta experience and no doubt he missed his brother. In 1943 Rod was posted to 401 Squadron at Biggin Hill. In March 1944 Rod became a Flight Commander with 412 Squadron. He would participate in the D-Day landings see service in Normandy then Belgium and later promoted to Squadron Leader of 401 Squadron RCAF. In December 1944, Rod was tour expired and returned to Canada to join the Auxiliary Squadron retiring in 1946. Rod is credited with 15 aerial victories and also shared in the destruction of a Luftwaffe jet fighter. He was highly decorated and an excellent Spitfire pilot.

Wing Commander, Rod Smith survived the War and his older brother Jerry did not, this unfortunate circumstance would affect many Canadian families but few families would have brothers reunited. The Smith brother would be the exception and it would happen in October 2005.

Rod Smith was 80 years old when he died; he was facing some health concerns and told those that were closest to him that he never wanted to be a burden on anyone. Rod had remained a bachelor all his life, he took his own life in 2002, he was a successful lawyer, a yachtsman and very active in fighter pilot reunions, he started to write his memoirs after he retired but never completed them, his family turned his unfinished manuscript, journal, log books and brother Jerry’s logs and notes over to Christopher Shores, a world renowned historian who completed the book for Rod. “The Spitfire Smiths” a unique story of brothers in arms is an excellent book and is well worth the read.

- Pierre Lagace


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RCAF 412
RCAF 412
RAF 126 1942-06-15


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