HAGGER, William John Edgar


rank: F/L
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: 80257 )
born: Zimbabwe

added by: Calvin Wickham

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William John Edgar “Bill” Hagger, a Rhodesian pilot flying with the RAF joined 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron as a Sergeant pilot in 1941 flying Spitfires. He was commissioned on 3 December. As 266 started a transition to Typhoons he left 266 on 14 April 1942 and flew to Malta as part of Operation Calendar joining 601 Squadron.

While on Malta he claimed for a damaged Ju 87 on 25 April, a share of a probable Cant Z1007bis on 16 May, and a damaged RE2001 on 2 June (Spitfire serials unknown).

At the end of June he travelled with 601 to Egypt. On the 6 July, having been promoted to acting Flight Lieutenant, he took part in an operational flight of four Spitfires. They met 3 Ju 88s and 3+ Me 109s and flak was also experienced. Hagger and one other pilot, Francis Hugh Belcher, failed to return. Belcher became a POW but Hagger was killed and is remembered on the Alamein Memorial and on the Ruzawi Preparatory School War Memorial, near Marandellas, Rhodesia.


Squadrons add
RAF 601 Squadron 1942-04-14


P8422 Convoy patrol 1941-07-06
P8362 Raid investigation 1941-07-14
P8167 Raid investigation 1941-07-18
P8422 Raid investigation 1941-07-19
P7909 Convoy patrol 1941-07-20
P7909 Offensive wing sweep over Northern France 1941-07-23
P7676 Convoy patrol 1941-08-02
P7909 Convoy patrol 1941-08-03
P7909 Two X Raid investigations 1941-08-05
P7909 Outer Swept Channel Patrol 1941-08-17
P7676 Inner Swept Channel Patrol 1941-08-21
P7909 X Raid investigation 1941-08-27
P7909 Inner Channel Dusk Patrol 1941-08-27
P7909 Convoy patrol 1941-09-04
P7909 Sweep 1941-09-11
P7909 Dusk Patrol 1941-09-12
P7909 Dusk Patrol 1941-09-14
P8665 Dusk Patrol 1941-09-15
P8665 Strike to Holland 1941-09-16
P8665 Sweep. Note: ORB says 8663 but that is not a 266 aircraft. 1941-09-18
AD178 Sweep 1941-09-20
AD178 Sweep 1941-09-21
AB933 Sea patrol 1941-10-04
AD178 Sea patrol 1941-10-10
AD178 Dusk patrol 1941-10-10
AD178 Sea patrol 1941-10-11
AD178 Offensive sweep; fired at E/A but no hits observed. Note: ORB says 173 but no such A/C 1941-10-13
AB928 X raid investigation 1941-10-14
AD178 Dusk patrol 1941-10-16
AD178 Sea patrol 1941-10-17
AA720 Sea patrol 1941-11-08
AB970 Sea patrol 1941-11-18
AA720 Dusk convoy patrol 1941-11-23
W3313 Sea patrol 1941-11-24
W3834 Sea patrol 1941-11-26
AB970 Dinghy patrol 1941-12-01
AB964 Convoy patrol 1942-01-10
W3834 Two flights searching for F/Lt Allen White 1942-01-11
W3371 Convoy patrol 1942-01-12
BP975 Defensive operation, chasing a lone Ju 88 1942-04-22
BR384 Fighter Sweep - Alamein 1942-07-06
BR232 Failed to return. Operational flight 1942-07-06


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